Attachments! (Targaryen, Crossing)

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ChrisChris 938

There was a time where I was writing for The White Book. It was a deck-building series that sought to explore jank and different themes. It withered after a month, but I did learn one important lesson from Patrick Haynes, my partner in the project: don't try to make bad cards marginally better by playing still more bad cards.

Today I forget that lesson. Today we're playing a deck with Merchant Prince and Noble Lineage. Today we're playing Tokar and Blood of My Blood.

Unfortunately, I can't take full and sole credit for this deck. The inspiration came from a White Walkers commentary a month or two back. The deck ran a pile of attachments and double Unexpected Delay to force opponents to choose their own characters to go back to hand. It did fairly well, I believe, but I mostly thought it was a one-trick pony. That has changed with the release of Archmaester's Key, and if that deck was yours, please let me know.

This deck is built on that same foundation of early Delay play. A quarter of the cards are attachments to keep your characters on the board. Dothraki Sea, Blood of My Blood and Qotho offer alternative ways to cheat in characters when you don't have enough attachments to protect them. Marched to the Wall and The Long Winter keep the pressure on and the opponent's board clear when you can Delay no longer.

So far, no great shakes, just an agro deck with different, worse tools, but what really pumps this deck up and convinced me from that distant YouTube video was the Bloody Arakh drop. It singlehandedly changes the deck from something cute to something legitimate. No more Green Dreams. It's time for the old ultraviolence. Braided Warriors have an attachment of their own. Your opponent found a Bodyguard? Cut through it on the first military challenge and put them in the ground on the second military. They can't get a foothold.

Now, since these are the days when not a single thread can be created and not reference combo, there is tech against it. Time Fortified Position right, and that's a lost turn for them (and an underused alt art). If you can draw Ser Barristan Selmy (LoCR) and Warrior's Braid early enough, he can rush them out on his own.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


Stormborn 301

It was me! Green dreams is great with insight and Breaker of Chains. Nice deck but I would reconsider 3 Blood of my Blood with only 5 targets. I’d choose your best Blood Rider and play him 3x for a bit of protection.

Drogo’s Arakh and Silver Steed would be decent in your deck. Question of slots.

ChrisChris 938

Cool. Good point about Blood of my Blood. I could spin it as some Dohaeris tech, but you’re probably right. I do want to run Silver Steed, but there are only three character(five cards) targets without Noble Lineage.

Thanks for the thoughts.