Barah Super Powah - Top16 @WinterFestival - 6th overall 5-1

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NicMondo 83

"È questo che volevi dire?" - Robert Baratheon

Like this.

A nice deck thought and developed by me and masterfully played by @netrak at WinterFestival, 76 players tournament in Turin, Italy.

They were supposed to be dead. They're not. They're back with a little help from a friend: Bending Marge.

The idea of the deck is simple: you go first and kneel, you go second and kneel. With Marge you can bring into the challenge whatever is opposing you and thanks to the standy women, she'll stand and rise once again, stronger than ever. The same for Bobby B, Daisy, and each and every characters you will pump with "The Ride".

Mel do what she does, thanks to the R'hllor cards. The attachments and the nightmares give some extra control.

Here's the tournament summary:

Round 1 Banner of the Wolf > Win

Round 2 The Lord of the Crossing > Loss

Round 3 Kings of Summer > Win

Round 4 "The Rains of Castamere" > Win

Round 5 Banner of the Wolf > Win

Round 6 The Lord of the Crossing > Win

Top 16 Banner of the Wolf > Loss


netrak 1

It was a pleasure to play your deck man! I tried my best. Hope to see you in some big crazy tournament with it, sometimes.

Oh, best card? Stannis Baratheon (Core) by absence.

Lawyer 327

Good Job Pietro!

mattastrophic 611

Excellent showing!

archtilted 1

Very nice deck, happy to give you the first game of this great tournament. It was a very good game!

B0TBoul 9

Nice deck.. I was destroyed at turn 4.. again kg congrats!!

netrak 1

It was a pleasure to meet you all and play with! @B0TBoul @archtilted Most of all it was one of the funniest tournament I've ever been. And I think it makes all the difference.

Also, I met very competitive and well built decks. So big up! And fuck the combo shit.

penguin_geek 1

well play!

euphius 176

Mind if I ask what the Arbor Knights bring to the character lineup? Other than an int icon I don't see them as particularly useful to the build. If its not purely for cost curve reasons I'd rather have another two Knights of the Reach to be power grabbers if you don't see your renown bodies. Any thought of using more copies of Oathkeeper as well to be able to dig for dupes or R'hllor characters?

IonGrey 1

Great deck!

Quick question - with 9 attachments, isnt Nothing Burns Like The Cold a bit risky?

netrak 1

@euphius Arbor Knights: they have right icons as you said, they lower the curve cost (Valar Dohaeris is dangerous for this deck) and you can stand them with the Highgarden Courtier if you have nothing better to stand. At the very beginning they were supposed to pump Ser Horas Redwyne and make him standable. But in this late build he went off the deck. Last, they can be knelt to trigger the effects of Queen's Men. Oh, and they soak claim sooooooo good. =)

Increasing to 2x Oathkeeper could be an idea. It's a rather new card, so I wanted to test it before making a commitment on it. Anyway, it's strong. Very strong.

@IonGrey Yes, it's risky, but you have to consider that this deck lives and dies around the control you can get on your opponent's board. I play only limited location, so Nothing Burns Like The Cold could be a nice opening against a heavy location setup (Harrenhal (GoH), Flea Bottom, Great Kraken, The Iron Throne etc.). It hasn't betrayed me yet. And if you do not need it you can keep it as your 6th plot.


cadupa96 82

Very interesting deck!

I was wondering if you would make any changes to the plot deck in retrospective? For example, Your King commands it looks like It would be a good addition to the deck to slow down rush and combo decks. Increasing Oathkeeper to 2-3x also looks like a good improvement in order to search Mel or Robert. Thanks!

Statusunquo 1

Awesome to see Baratheons competing again. Well done to the builder and the pilot.

Do you maybe have a link to the NW Wolf deck you lost against? Can't find something on