Six Geese (and their eggs) A-Laying

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samuellinde 7

As the twelve days of Christmas are progressing, the gifts are increasingly becoming as extravagant as they are decreasingly becoming useful.

On the sixth day, our true love gave us what is possibly the finest gift yet, six geese a-laying. These six egg-laying geese are obviously referring to two things: things that are laying, as well as the goose egg e.g. the number zero.

Applied to this beautiful card game today's gift lets us explore the themes in a variety of ways:

  1. Plots. For a Nedly deck like this, featuring geese and eggs, we started by building our plot deck. A strong plot line will provide the backbone for a deck designed around a theme of like this. This led us to look for plots where some actual laying happened. Gossip and Lies is very strong, featuring two characters laying together, while Ranger's Cache features a more subtle lean. Apart from the art work, we also have the strongest plots in the game when it comes to goose eggs: The Red Wedding and Valar Morghulis, both with those sexy double-oh's in their stats.

  2. Events. The inclusion of Dog Plot made a strong case for us building the draw deck out of House Stark. Serendipity struck as we realized that Stark features a solid set of goose eggs in their event suite, building a case for a certain proclivity towards a certain Stark trait that also is helped bythe aforementioned Kidd Plot. The only event that costs more than 0 is Lay Siege, because duh.

  3. Locations. The location base is all about economy. Unfortunately we couldn't go all goose egg on these – some more economy needed. That Great Hall looks like a great place to let your geese lay their eggs with some class though.

  4. Attachments. The attachments are also subtly hinting at another theme we started to see develop in our deck, and it's not Frozen Solid even though it will help your opponent's location to have zero impact on the game. Instead it is Lady – because Lay-dy. Ba-dum-dish.

  5. Characters. Which leads us to the character base. Two strong traits here, direwolves and ladies. But let us not stop there, because Stark has some of the strongest laying characters in the game at the moment, and they're all supporting this deck in one way or the other. Donella is providing some solid economy support, though the amount of goose eggs in the deck is giving her effort a bit less of an impact. Her leaning into that chair is very, very strong though. Oh, and she's a Lay-dy. Mirroring Donella is King Robb, leaning in his throne with the crown weighing him down heavily. Bran Stark is obviously not lying down by choice, but on the other hand he's supporting our direwolf theme. And Ser Dontos is obviously not getting up anytime soon, not after all that wine. Rounding out the theme is Core Sansa who is not only entering play knelt but is also – yes, you guessed it – a lay-dy.

There you have it. The Stark Goose deck. You saw it here first.

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OKTarg 27

11/10. Would lay again.