Ladies Knight! (6-0 Winner of Knoxville Store Champ)

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AlexandertheBAMF 186

Who says chivalry is dead?

This is the list I took to Knoxville to the SciFi City store champ. This deck, like a knight on horseback, is very, very fast, winning usually in round 3, but very capable of threatening the 2 round KO, speed that basically no decks in the meta can resist. I built this list expecting cancerous Martell mini decks that have been crowned our new overlords, but surprisingly I didn't face any. It was a pretty diverse field, and a lovely tournament.

MVP's were Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) and the Green-Apple Knight, along with my lovely ladies Margaery Tyrell (HoT) and the card drawing/event swapping sassy lassy The Queen of Thorns (HoT). Pressure, overwhelming, non-kneeling attack strength, pulling dudes into challenges they would rather not be in (shoutout to my cheeky include of Maester Ballabar to recur her effect) and at will swapping of powerful events in and out with the Queen made me versatile, efficient, and a tempo nightmare for my opponents, while also resilient against any hasty reset attempts that tried to slow down the glorious charge.

So go ahead, hop into the saddle. You're in for a wild ride.


adam_geek 422

Congrats! How do you think if Name Day Tourney works in your deck?

MeatLoafX 22

I like the look of this deck. Thank you for posting!

AlexandertheBAMF 186

@adam_geek I think Name Day Tourney is a fine plot for this deck that you could maybe slot in and get some work out of in more grindy matchups where the reset threat is lower (NW for instance, which I faced in the semi finals) but personally I found the 3 plot combo of Summer Harvest, Heads on Spikes, and A Tourney for the King got the job done 90% of the time. That being said, I never used Wardens of the South in a single match, so Name Day Tourney might be worth slotting in there just to try it out.

tgeyr 1

Why the 2 Redwyne Straits instead of 2 Arbor Vineyard . Arbor Vineyard Gives you 2 Golds on 4 of your plots makes you even the turn you play them and it gives you value the turn after, Redwyne Straits gives you value only 2 turns after you play it which is slow in a rush deck.

Did you always had enough Ladies to trigger Lady Sansa's Rose ? I'm playing a knight deck since the tyrell deluxe came out, but i found myself dropping some of the ladies tech because they are not enough of them and their abilities&stats are often lackluster (except for Margaery & Alerie) So I kept Marg + Alerie + Elinor and The Knight of the Reach but dropped Queen of Thorns and Lady Sansa's Rose.

Since the deck is so fast, did you sometimes find yourself with a "Lord Renly's Ride" that you can't play because you have no dead characters ?

Why this version of The Knight of Flowers and not the other one ?

And finally, did you thought about Highgarden Courtier since you have a lot of effects that can trigger them ?

Thanks !

AlexandertheBAMF 186

@tgeyrI like Redwyne Straits for their consistency vs Arbor Vineyard, which, even though I am running several summer cards, can simply be turned off by my opponent playing winter. Redwyne Straits either got played on setup or in round one, elsewise not at all and would usually get chucked away by Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) for that sweet 2 claim. I personally had no problems affording it, but I wouldn't judge a person for playing Arbor Vineyard instead. Judgement call.

There are more than enough ladies to trigger Lady Sansa's Rose in this deck, and I'm glad I brought it, as it gives me much more reach and surprising power gain that my opponents weren't expecting. Plus, I've found that in the current meta people are playing alot more Valar Dohaeris than they are Valar Morghulis, so the piling power on characters wasn't as risky. A great card, but if you expect to face alot more board wipes I might switch the numbers between this card and Superior Claim.

I did, but "Lord Renly's Ride" is still good just for giving the intimidate and when combo'd with Green-Apple Knight. Pair that with Margaery Tyrell (HoT) on the board and often my opponent could hardly retaliate to my full board aggression. A bit of control never hurts.

Because I'm running so many events, The Knight of Flowers (HoT) seemed like a good choice, plus I like the cheaper cost in this deck. Pairs super well with "Lord Renly's Ride" too. Plus the promo card was this version! Overall I was satisfied with his performance.

I thought about Highgarden Courtier for sure, but ultimately I decided it was essential to pack as many "knight" and "lady" keywords in as possible, and the courtier just didn't make the cut. Only 4 of my characters aren't knights or ladies, and 3 of them are the no brainer reducers, and the 1x I did throw in is my man Maester Ballabar who is simply too awesome not to include. All other characters threaten my opponent by facilitaing power gain on my part. Given the speed strategy of the deck, I think that was the right choice.

Thanks for your questions!

cadupa96 82

Thanks for posting your deck! I like this list.

Have you thought about trying to include Nothing Burns Like the Cold for a way to get rid of problematic locations like Astapor, Plaza of Pride, Winterfell, Hightower, etc? Removing a Milk now and then can help too. Thanks!

AlexandertheBAMF 186

@cadupa96 that’s certainly a viable plot to play, and as I pointed out to @adam_geek, Wardens of the South was a plot card I never used or felt like I needed, so slotting in a Nothing Burns Like The Cold might be a strong pick, depending on the expected opponents. That being said, for this deck speed is your best ally: I personally faced an opponent who got out Winterfell round one, and I just simply ignored it and rushed past him for a 2 round win. I like the thinking though, it’s a nice tech card to have in the plot deck, depending on the expected meta.

RainKing 57

I like the deck alot. I switched to the other Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) and swapped out Desmera and Balabar for 2 Highgarden Courtier to try and get people standing to do multiple challenges. I've been having fun with it. What are your thoughts on The Rose Garden instead Roseroads? Roseroad fives you real gold you can spend for events or r keep for dominance but you have to wait a turn after playing it to benefit from it. With the Rose Gardens you get to use them the turn you marshal them and I'm always going to marshal at least one Tyrell card a turn.