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Isian.H 699

I went 7-1, losing in the final with this deck at a 26 player store championship, with a strong player base. This was on the 16th of December so I can no longer remember each game in vivid detail. I cut A card for the tournament so I was down to 62 or 63 but cant remember what so deal with it.

Game 1 vs Bara Stag W

Game 2 vs Stark Fealty W

  • Dan Williams put up a ridiculous fight and between Catelyn Stark (Core) and I don't think so I was losing slowly. Ser Ilyn Payne was doing ridiculous work again this game killing everything but the big guys were harder to get rid of and i couldn't use my Tower of the Hand even with Treachery and Maester at the Rock giving me treacheries every turn I was going to lose it. The game turned around towards the end when Dan made a mistake using his Winterfell on his own power challenge, and he got to 13/14 power. After that I triggered rains to flip into The Spider's Web to get a three claim mil challenge off with COR Cersei and Trial by Combat to nearly wipe his board. I managed to close a plot or two later. He couldn't recover.

Game 3 vs Targ rose W

  • Rekt David in a plot or two, killed his dragons and his hope. Poor guy. <3

Game 4 vs Lannister rains (Clansman) W

  • Rowan played really well and we both saw Harrenhals early. It was one of the weirdest Lannister games I have EVER played. all our moves nearly mirrored each other. He didn't see Tyrion Lannister (LoCR), that would have helped him out. It was a very close game but I managed to get ahead somehow and edge it out.

Game 5 vs Targ fealty W

  • Joel played an event heavy burn deck and I was lucky enough to have a All the money of Casterly rock out and duped and saw all three Hand's Judgment's throughout the course of the game. Apachi had the game secured before he died a couple rounds after entering play. I didn't marshall much but had Tywin on a brazillion strength so managed to slowly win through sheer OP-ness.

Top 8 vs Stark fealty W

  • I was dreading another stark game especially against another good stark player Alex O'fee. I saw what I needed. Had treacheries every turn for Winterfell thanks to Maester sniffing Rocks and won in no time at all.

Top 4 vs Lanni crossing W

  • Florian has a habit of getting into these situations with me and coming out worse. He got an explosive start and got to 6 power in a turn. I think I killed everything and marched things. I kept up in pace and kept the pressure up after destroying board and hand.

Final vs Targ fealty (rematch) L

  • Deck kinda shat on me. I saw nothing and nothing arrived in the right order. I knew exactly what was going to happen but didn't have the tools to stop anything from dying. No HJ and even if i did see em i'm positive he would have had one too. But I tried anyway just in case he didn't have burn in hand. Well played from Joel wish I could have given more of a fight worthy a final.

Final thoughts

  • The First Snow of Winter is great in this meta. It's always strong when I am playing it
  • The Spider's Web was amazing with Core Cersei on her own and with Trial by Combat
  • Weapons at the Door Kinda won me a game because of initiative otherwise I didn't have a real need for it all day. I still felt safer having it around.
  • Valar Dohaeris, I thought I could get into good positions to pull it off but around 70-80% of the time it hurt me more. I Never Bet Against My Family was really useful after it of course, but the plot was often the last one I played. Between first snow, Ser Ilyn and trial by combat there was never a flooded board so I would CONSIDER swapping it out.

Amoon 1

Can't believe you beat me with a 64 cards deck ;P

Stam 1

What's the reassoning of having both versions of The Hound?