Everyone Is Arianne - SC Winner Dresden - undefeated

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Everyone Is Arianne - SC Winner Katowice 3 2 4 1.0

siegeszug 283

Due to some people asking me, I will put this deck online and say a few words about it.

I played this deck today at the SC in Dresden. thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/4972


  1. Robert - Tyrell HRD Bitterbridge (W) He sets up the Hightower, i open with Nothing Burns. From here on out every time he triggers Bitterbridge, I got a Starfall Cavalry to jump in, which is optimal. Plot 2 was Duel I think, i hit Randyll and Renly. From there on I was just quicker on the power gain. His The King In the North only delayed me slightly and finished with Annals and Dorans Game even on his Wardens of the South turn.

  2. Alex - Lanni Crossing (W) I played against Alex a lot prior to the tournament, so he knew exactly how my deck works. I only setup Southron and two House Dayne Knights, Alex has Tyrion, the Hound and econ. I open Trading, he goes LSF. He goes first, marshals the Mountain and some chuds. I play Nymeria and the Mountain never entered a challange the whole game. Alex sadly didn't find a single Treachery. Nothing Burns hit a Casterly Rock. Being aware of Duel, Jaime was only played with Hear Me Roar and thus Alex was the only opponent that didn't get hit by my best plot. Plot 4 - both at 5 power - Still, having only one Int icon on board, Alex attempts to go for his crossing. What now follows is too painful to mention, so for Alex's sake, I will keep it short. Ricasso. 2 Doran's Games. Win.

  3. Chris - Bara Rose (W) I recall that Chris setup Left, Right, Shireen and some econ - much to my disliking. Every single UO power had to be seriously fought for. He marshalled Core Davos and Robert Baratheon. Of course The King In the North followed. Soon after that he marshals Ser Barristan, who falls due to Duel. Lacking Int icons, Chris becomes the next victim for Doran's Game. Not even close.

  4. Johannes - Tyrell Rains (W) This was the hardest opponent of the tournament. We were on 3 victories each and fought like two battle-hardened lions, gnashing with our teeth. Johannes setup is Redwyne Straits, Olenna and a Bodyguard. I had Arianne, a Southron and a Roseroad or something like that. I have Littlefinger in hand, so Trading is my call. Johannes went for Counting Coppers, having all the money in the world. He plays some char and the Arbor. Still, lacking character I gain 4 power the first turn. Next plot he goes for Renly, KoF and soon after Brienne. - Still neither Nothing Burns, nor Duel targets. I recall having Darkstar, who is gold against Brienne, rendering her practically useless. The game goes forwards and backwards. Later he plays Tinder Marge. Duel. He gets Varys with Marge. I got no dupes. I am at 11 power. Dorans Game. Victory. Phew.

  5. Cut Top 4 Johannes - Again (W) Same opponent. Different conditions. We changed the room and the karma. He setup Arbor Knight, Garlan and another chud. I got some 3 card setup with good econ. He goes LSF and digs for econ with his Pleasure Barge, he plays the Redwyne Straits and Renly I think. I went for Trading and just marshal Nymeria. He goes for intrigue with Renly, i steal one icon with Nymeria, go for the Iron Bank without a HJ in hand. He doesn't cancel. Dornish spy. Southron messenger. Renly gone. Next I play Riddle anticipating Counting Coppers and I hit. Johannes doesn't come back from this setback and loses to Dorans Game, after I take back Areo to hand with the Orphan and fleabottom another copy in again.

  6. Final Sebastian Bara Rose (W) Sebastian plays a similar deck to Chris, whom I opposed earlier. I setup Arianne, House Dayne Knight, FB and maybe econ I think. He sets up Bob, a reducer and Dragonstone port. Sebastian goes first, marshals Lightbringer and Highgarden Courtier. I have Littlefinger in hand and want to go for Trading, but Sebastian opens with The King In the North! Ugh. Nymeria, Arianne, Starfall Cavalry, Littlefinger - everything in my hand doesnt work. I still try to do my best and marshal a Fiefdoms, Littlefinger and a Greenblood Trader. He races ahead in power. I can't get crossing off. First turn 1-4. The next turns he plays Barristan Selmy. Yes! Duel, followed up with Nothing Burns kill my to that point useless Flea Bottom and Lightbringer. He plays Withering Cold and Melisandre. I feel like I am freezing - together with my characters. Nymeria and Littlefinger end up intimidated. He sees my Areo Hotah in the flames. Arianne gets an Intrigue off and brings in Darkstar, who I don't kneel. Plot 4: I have Fallen From Favor, Sebastian plays Valar Dohaeris, I go first and sacrifice kneeling Nymeria. He keeps Bob, Courtier and chud, losing his Melisandre. I keep Darkstar and kneeling Caleotte I think, losing only Littlefinger. I marshal Arianne and keep three gold. 6 power on my side. Military with Darkstar, stealthing Bob, he loses a pow icon. Unopposed. Power challange with Arianne, only defended by a chud, i use Arianne to bring in Ricasso with bestow 2. Intrigue. Sebastian expects me to gain two power from this. But I do gain Seven. Five of those with Dorans Game. Victory.

Agenda: Crossing - Martell is versatile, got a good icon spread, but above all, it increases the STR of each attacking character by 2 - the more the better. Triggering Doran's Game reliably is almost child's play.

The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due: We have been blessed by Ryan Jones with a card so tricksy and cunning, it would be a shame not to put it to good use. Playing this card automatically means you can shit on: Milk/Craven, Nightmares on chars, intimidate on chars, icon steal - in short everything that wants to meddle with your otherwise so efficient characters. I will try to keep it short:

  • Prime targets are Drawtwo and Drawthree either already in Marshalling or after they are knelt for Ambush -Secondary targets are: FB-ed chars, blanked / cravened chars or any of the 5 costers, if you desparately need the Ambush gold for a surprise Southron for example

The two remaining events ensure that the opponent always got equal or fewer HJ than me, so The End Of Times and Everyone Is Arianne are not disturbed. In other words, if you haven't checked your opponents hand or you got at least one playable HJ, don't go Everyone Is Arianne - at least, if you don't feel lucky.

Game plan and plots: Set up two or three chars with some econ and you are good. Now - and this is different from normal Martell - you don't care that much, if your Ambush minions, Drawtwo or even Satin works on me happen to be in the setup, since you got plenty of ways to remove them later on with Greenblood Twin, Everyone Is Arianne or Ciaociao.

Early on you try to get as much UO, claim and crossing power as possible with your icon removal tricks. This and your early challange order depend very much on the board. Then you go for Ricasso and end it with the Game.

First plot (and consecutive ones) depend on the board and hand: -Trading: If you got Drawtwo or you setup no econ (Drawthree has an evil brother, that only draws one card, which should be avoided, if possible) -Nothing Burns: If there already is a juicy target -FFF: If FB is out or in your hand and you got good targets or if your board is wide and you expect reset -Riddle: In every other case

-Duel: No brainer (your Drawthree can't be targeted!) -Close Call : To safe uniques, to load your FB gun with nice targets -Annals: Closing Plot - If The End Of Times is in your discard pile and -again- your number of playable HJs is equal pr bigger than the opponents OR if you just want to use the events in your discard pile to your advantage

Not included: -Secret Schemes: Obvious Synergy with Satin works on me, still just not needed and needs a faction kneel just like Everyone Is Arianne -Bastard Daughter: though efficient, STR 1 on Mil is shit in Crossing -6 costers: just not needed -Myrcella, Bastard of Godsgrace: renown, had them in the Stahleck deck, they were good, but not needed here -Black Walder: big Int STR, renown - he was close, but I didn't find the space -Valar Dohaeris: Hurts your board too much to be used by yourself -Shadowblack Lane: Was used in the Stahleck version, but needs faction kneel - maybe together with in-faction events like UUU, Burning on the Sand

Hard Counters: -Burn: Always an issue with Martell - HJ, Puppy eyes, Nothings Burns help -Tris Botley: Can be a massive issue - Only Go Home liberates me there -The King In The North: NOTHING works in that turn, except for the events - just try to not lose, while the Northern King visits Dorne


theputrid 42

" I will keep it short. Ricasso. 2 Doran's Games. Win." I hope it was 2 consecutive turns:)

siegeszug 283

@theputrid: haha no, poor Alex had it played against him on offense and defense. Bless him.

jehamric 1

Thank you so much for the detailed analysis. Looks awesome! I love the IBWHID-Starfall Cavalry combo.

Novosignum 7

last game " i use Arianne to bring in Ricasso with bestow 2. Intrigue. Sebastian expects me to gain two power from this. But I do gain Seven. Five of those with Dorans Game. Victory." How did you trigger dorans game? from what i could tell ricasso was your only character and his strength isn't 5.

Keekohmygod 31

@Novosignumcrossing strength bonus

Alber21 1

Hello friend. Darkstar opinion?. Analize please for me? The New Darkstar in deluxe sands of Dorne....lose the great first card Darkstar? Great job and perfect deck. Thanks siegeszuz 123

siegeszug 283

@Alber21: The Darkstar in this deck is efficient. He is a Stealth char with an additional sort of delayed stealth effect. New Darkstar doesn't fit the theme here. If you want, you can include a third copy, though I am not sure what to cut for it.

Euro Bruh 90

Just tried this deck out. First game was against a Martell red door designed to rush with doran's game. Thought to myself oh crap this will be tough. He had everything out, Doran, Ricasso, Viper, Myrcella. Still was able to beat him. This deck is incredibly efficient. Thank you for posting this!

siegeszug 283

@Andras Hahaha, nice. I love to read that people do well with my deck list. I'd be happy, to get some more reports on it!

TrueSokles 47

@siegeszugIf You say so ;)

Today I took Your deck for 32 people store (Katowice, Poland).

Two changes in plots Valar Dohaeris and Heads on Spikes goes in, Duel and Varys's Riddle goes out. Rest the same.

5:1 in swiss, wins all in top 8. It's really not a bad deck ;) More details, if needed, I can write tommorow.

siegeszug 283

@TrueSokles Wow and thanks for giving it a shot! If you feel like it, feed me the details haha

eggtron 8

This deck looks amazing and is a bit different from what I was playing with FB icon removal (dorans game, LotC, ricasso) but looks like a lot of fun to play.

thanks for the deck list!

KhosroTheGreat 31

Have you considered changing Varys' Riddle? Although its raw numbers are fantastic, it makes me uneasy that mispredicting may lead to flipping it on a Trading or Fallen from Favor rather than on a Counting Coppers. Some contenders to replace it could be Marched (helps load FB), Heads on Spikes (hand destruction and helps power gain), Retaliation (2 claim at cost of low reserve) and Taxation (great numbers, useful effect). What do you think?

siegeszug 283

@KhosroTheGreat: What's life without a little spice? ;) I think there was a Summer Harvest in there previous to the Riddle, but the latter one makes me feel better in a number of situations. As an opener you generally hit Summer Harvest, Heads, Counting Coppers or boring things like Time of plenty or Noble Cause. LSF was my most hit plot I think. Of course there are Trading and Fallen, but what will happen then? You sac a character for FB or you give three gold to the opponent, which he might use to bring out his two 6/7 costers. If you consider you can predict Counting or Valar M with Riddle later on, it gives me an even better feeling about it. I wouldn't choose something like Taxation over it, but someone who'd rather take Heads on Spikes - I do understand their point. However I dont like Heads as an opener, because it gives you power and Varys Riddle has a plot slot, that is supposed to be possible opener nr. 2 besides Trading. This is why Retaliation is no option, whereas Marched is. But remember, even if you load an FB gun there, we still play Crossing and dont want to diminish the number of characters we have too lightly early on.

KhosroTheGreat 31

Until I am confident in my ability, I will always be uneasy with Riddle, but I think on the balance of things you're probably right, so I'll be staying with Riddle. One thing I have noticed is that in some games it's hard to get more than one load for FB, but I think that is somewhat matchup-dependent. Also, how do you play if you draw into Doran's Game early? Doran's Game/Ricasso is a key element to this deck that I feel I'm not using well. I often don't feel like I have the gold to spare to Bestow on Ricasso, and any Doran's Game that I draw into early usually ends up getting discarded by intrigue challenges as I tend to try and save them for later. Most importantly, thank you so much for this decklist! I haven't been this excited about a deck for a while.

siegeszug 283

@KhosroTheGreat Well, it's almost the one and only job Annals has in this deck to enable you to use Dorans Game out of your discard pile, so I don't feel bad at all, if Dorans Game gets discarded early. The only thing that event poses early on, is being a dead card in your hand, should you not have Ricasso early. Well, I never had much of a gold problem really. Maybe you need to think a moment longer about how you wanna play your turn, what are the needed icons, effects and gold costs before doing your turn. For example bringing Ricasso in with FB needs 4 gold, one for FB, two bestow, one for the game. I guess this comes with some experience with the deck. And you are right, FB sometimes doesn't even have targets, so against what might be common believe, it is absolutely not the most central piece in the deck.

Nimer 2579

I think I faced you on teki the evening before the tournament and I really liked your deck. 
It’s fresh, focused, well tuned.
 Congratz for the build and for the win! Hope to play you again on throneteki (even if you talk too much :P :P :P)

siegeszug 283

@Nimer: Thank you. I also took your greetings to Lennart and he was happy to hear from you.

TrueSokles 47

Restrict list hits also (suprisingly) this deck. No HJ and Annals...

DontYouKnowImLoco 23

Which would you keep Annals or HJ's?

siegeszug 283

Dunno yet, but Martell gets their own cancel event ad far as I know, right? Though I feel HJ is more important than Annals. Maybe add even more draw instead of Annals, cuz it doesn't matter how you get access to Dorans Game.

KhosroTheGreat 31

I think an interesting inclusion might be At Prince Doran's Behest. Since Annals can no longer be relied upon to fish Doran's Game out of the discard pile, At Prince Doran's Behest allows you to trigger it earlier and more effectively, as well as enabling you to scout opponent's plots, which can be especially useful for a successful Varys' Riddle or recovering from a suprise reset with Close Call.

TrueSokles 47

@siegeszug made a short report for You ;)

siegeszug 283

@TrueSokles Very interesting matchups with NW, GJ and Targ - which might be more difficult than what I faced.

Palpa 1

I love the nicknames you use for the cards. Lol

thehumanh 99

Don't have anything to say other than that this is an absolutely beautiful deck, and that winning a tournament on: "Intrigue. Sebastian expects me to gain two power from this. But I do gain Seven. Five of those with Dorans Game. Victory." is one of the reasons you play the game. Wonderful game reports, aspirational deck, thank you for sharing this.

siegeszug 283

@thehumanh: Thanks for the kind words. I think we will see a number of good Martell decks soon. I just wanted to show that it is possible already.

TrueSokles 47

@siegeszugabout GJ I can tell absolutly nothing. One game on Store and without history. NW and Targ was very specific builds that I feel are not common in the meta. NW based on locations, character destroying and jumping. Targ without Deny, Dragons and Dracarys (although some time ago play with Wiewiór when he started Payne + Plaza vs my Martell deck is the nightmare I wake up with scream ;). This are hard matchups but for me hard to say if this are meta decks worth analyzing.

KhosroTheGreat 31

@siegeszug Maybe a good alternative might be to add 1x Isle of Ravens and replace Annals with Wheels within Wheels.

siegeszug 283

@KhosroTheGreat Haha well, then we accomplished swapping a restricted plot with another restricted plot. Try out the new cards and build your own flavour into the deck I think.

KhosroTheGreat 31

Haha I totally forgot Wheels within Wheels was restricted. OK, I'll try At Prince Doran's Behest and see how it goes.