The Summer of Love - Steed-ee On!

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None. Self-made deck here.
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06-2018: Stud farm Martell 0 0 2 1.0

gr1mvengeance 99

A cheeky little deck that is focused on:

1) Getting Summer plots in to the discard ASAP (or the Valars if you are feeling brave) whilst the Steeds are out. In practice games this has worked fantastic so far. I've had some characters on 4-5 power each by Plot 3/4.

2) Ricasso for Plot Boost - Helps push the end game.

3) Doran's Game for the win by Plot 4/5 (You should have 5-8 plots in discard by this turn). I run 3 x HJ for protection so if you're unsure if they have a HJ too, don't attack unless you have one in hand!

4) Draw engine is Littlefinger + Starfall Cav + 2 x Close Calls - Recycle these with The Iron Bank Will Have It's Due. Use that gold to ambush/marshall new dudes.

5) Icon removal with Darkstar / Nymeria / Dornish Spy / Starfall / Shadow City Bastard - this should provide enough to push through what you need.


Zukin 156

Having played against this deck in person. It can be surprisingly quick. Change of Plans can easily net you 2-6 power if played at the right moment and in number.

The real shine here is how open the icon removal leaves you. It's often all too late when you realise that you have no intrigue icons and the inevitable Doran's Game is coming for a 5-7 power swing finish on turn 2-3!

The subtleties in the deck make it streamlined as well. Myrcella Baratheon (GoH), Knights of the Sun and Obella Sand make great support characters with renown or power gain and it's often a deck that leaves you feeling like you have no way out.

A fantastic deck created by a great player. Looking forward to our next match. :)

Nounours 13

Interesting list :D

What is your feeling about the gold curves VS the low number of locations in your deck? Will you try to found place for Dornish Fiefdom / Flea Bottom?

Thank you for answers :D

gr1mvengeance 99



Me and my Meta (a few friends!) wanted to challenge ourselves and NOT put Flea Bottom in our decks. Of course, I think this deck could get even crazier with it in to recycle Shadow City Bastards etc.

Gold curve was occasionally restrictive but the Summer plots often pay for the characters I need to see that cost 5 such as Nymeria. Also, the plots suck for initiative and I was often made to go first (which actually helps this deck, don't tell anyone!!).

I've looked at some changes already and I think I'm going to take the Viper out completely. He wasn't really pushing much through and felt a bit of a dead weight for his cost. Darkstar performed much better due to often being made to go first alongside Nymeria. I'll probably look at putting The Bastard of Godsgrace in for the extra renown and occasional use of his ability for Areo and Dorans Game (leave no gold to trick the opponent!).

Give a go and see how you get on :D

Tolperi 1

Did 3d place on recent Moscow event. Thank you, man!

Nounours 13

Hey, I remembered that I did a couple of change in the deck in order to include more draw :D:

-3 The Hand's Judgment

-1 Dawn

-3 The Red Viper (SoD)

+2 Dorne It is totally broken xD

+2 Secret Schemes

+3 Flea Bottom

+2 The Bastard of Godsgrace It is really relevant for jump card like Venomous Blade or icone removal.