Gulltown+No one+Theon=WIN

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Valar 106

This deck set up is very very smooth,only problem is you may have lots of event when you set up……

KEYCARD is Theon Greyjoy+I Am No One+"Off To Gulltown" to 3 ou,but because all your character is 3 or lower,so you also can work this deck without theon.

We also have Support of Harlaw with many many many ships so you can give renown,to win faster.

other cards are support you to draw more cards or get more power without challenge,such as core Sansa StarkAcolyte of the Waves and "The Dornishman's Wife".



Valar 106

BTW,plot is two valar + duel,you can change one or two of them if you don't like

IonGrey 1

... and how in the name of the Seven do you plan to deal with The First Snow of Winter?

Valar 106

@IonGreykey character are *3,and arya can have a duplicate , even characters is return hand,is not a big deal…… flea bottom,iron mines,close call,your have many plan B

Sammy 7

how you play against targ? dracarys is wainting for you ;) or the other burn crap

Valar 106

@Sammyyou're right , it's very obvious , but you can't win every deck you against whetever what deck you play……

foobar 2

Maybe add Strangler to play on Theon Greyjoy (TFoA)?

foobar 2

Also something I don't get to say often: Iron Fleet Scout seems useless in this deck.

Only works on , I Am No One takes away faction affiliation.

RoflRoy 22

@foobarI guess he needs Warships to kneel.

ibspify 1

Strangled unfortunately will only protect him for the challenge he's in as soon as the challenge is over the character will die from the burn effect.