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Timmy 52

This is the deck i played for the Hand Tourney 2018

I wanted it to be stable enough for the whole 7 rounds cause i am not such a great player.

feel free to comment


zack 108

No Political Disaster ? seems like a must in a build with so few locations and 3x of your only non-limited. Slotting it in instead of the second Barring the Gates looks like an easy win, but maybe I'm missing something here?

Timmy 52

Political disaster was in the very first version of the deck.

Honnestly, i was very disapointed with it since the decks that Political disaster was supposed to handle used to play several uniques and duped locations. When i played political disaster they managed to keep enough locations thanks to dupes and / house with the red door. And the 4 reserve is so rude ...

that's why i came to barring the gates x2 : i was more afraid with flea bottom / bitterbridge (which i didn't faced) / ambush / jumps

At the begining, trade routes was also withering cold (but the deck was rather different as well) so that the plotline was barring + withering cold + king in the north +political disaster in the first version of deck ^^

Timmy 52

By the way, i went 4-3 at the Tournoi de la Main Hand's tourney, beating stark fealty, stark winter, Greyjoy rains, tyrell rains and being beaten by martell wars, nights watch sun and baratheon Hwtrd