Stark Wars - Farewell Tournament Winner (18p)

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Manuel Cabezalí 440

My wife and I are having a baby in a few months, so due to time constraints and life in general I've decided that it was a good time to put and end to my Thrones career, after 7 years of intense playing.

The best possible way to say farewell was organizing one last tournament and enjoying the Only Game That Matters in its purest form one last time (for me), and so the Madrid meta gathered yesterday for a very cool tournament. It was a very special day all long, I had a blast playing, I saw some friends I hadn't seen in months or even years, I was given a lot of cool and beautiful presents from everyone, and most of all I've felt loved in a way I really really appreciate. Man, at some point I was speechless :)

For this last tournament I wanted to try the new The Wars To Come agenda for Stark. For those who don't know me, I've been playing Stark and only Stark in tournaments for the last 5 years, always being loyal to the house in the good and the bad times. So it made sense to play Stark one last time, of course.

The deck has a more or less aggro approach and it's very stable, but it's also somehow designed to withstand long games. Most of my games yesterday were comebacks after playing Valar Morghulis. It packs a lot of different tools, can adapt very well to the state of the game, and I had a great time playing it. If I were to make some changes now -which I'm not, since this was my last tournament- I'd probably try to fit in a copy of Septa Mordane because of the nice interaction with Arya Stark (Core), Sansa Stark (WotN) and the new I Am No One, which by the way, shined in some of my games. Stark has had some very cool cards lately!

Lastly and most important, I would like to say a great THANK YOU to all the community and to the players I've met and friends I've made through these years of AGoT. I've learned a lot, I've had a really great time playing and hanging out, and Game of Thrones will always be a very important milestone in my life. Now parenthood awaits and it's time to play a new game.

Winter is Coming,


P.S: Yes, winning my own farewell tournament might seem funny, but hey, I made sure everyone was playing at their best! At least I was :D


Amoon 1

Well done, both building an interesting deck and piloting it well. Always sad to see someone go though sounds like you had a great good-bye!

King Nothing 1


Congratulations to your great final with one of the best house!

Why no frozen solid? Because of nothing burns? You play put to the torch but is that enough for all the locations?

Cheers Andi

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@Amoon`Thank you :) It was a great good-bye indeed!

@King Nothing Yes, Frozen Solid and Nothing Burns don't mix too well in my opinion. Put to the torch worked well for me in this deck. It also helped diminishing my opponent economy locations in some games, which was great in the long run. Another good reason for me not to play Frozen Solid is that I've been playing Frozen Solids since 2013 and let's face it, Frozen Solid is an efficent but boring card. An unexpected Put to the Torch is a much more interesting choice in my opinion :)

mimovil 1

Congratulations for your victory! Unfortunately we couldn't play each other :)

DavidDAVE 1

Farewall, King in the North. I really hope our paths cross again in the future.

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@mimovil Thank you! Yeah I would have loved to have one last Lannister vs Stark confrontation :)

@DavidDAVEI really hope so! Otherwise, who will I meta against? :)

Harren 344

Congratulations for the baby! I am really happy for you. We loose a great player and better person, we have enjoyed so many good times. Best of luck in this new adventure! Big hug,

Adkadi 287

Your absence is the worst nerf for the wolves ever. Nobody plays this faction as you do, friend, the thrones community will miss you even if they don't know exactly who you are. Thank you for all these years allowing us to enjoy you as person and player. ¡The King in the North!

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@HarrenYes, good times indeed! Big hug back to you my friend.

@AdkadiDude I will miss those super NW KoW vs Stark matches, I think we never had a boring one. Hopefully we'll see each other somewhere in the future. Thanks for being such a nice mate!

zarius 162

Congratulations @Manuel Cabezalí for your baby!! Sad to know one of the best (if not the best) stark players is leaving the game. Hope I see you in big tourneys from time to time.