The Fury of the Babies - Winner @Vignola Regional

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Patchface's Fury - Winner "At Storm's End" (20p, 6-1) 47 29 21 1.0

Nimer 2757

Hey everyone! This is the deck with which I won Vignola’s regional (49 players).

Link here:

It has so many cute and previously considered janky cards in it that I felt in love with it as soon as I started to toy with the first version a couple of weeks ago (when the new agenda was spoiled and I annoyed my opponents on teki triggering it manually :D).

The deck’s strategy is to gain board advantage with withering cold combined with non-kneelers and some kneel. The agenda helps a lot because you can seek for bodyguards turn one to protect your key characters, and replace something with disputd claim when you want to finish the game. Keywords are after claim so you always get the renown. You can win with many many different characters: all the unique babies can hold pounce, disputed claim and bodyguard and a little voltron child with his/her cat can drive your opponent crazy. Add some tricks and control tools and you end up with a very solid build.

Withering cold, forced march and supporting the faith are amazing against targa and martell, but also against big dudes deck cause you can slow them down and force them to overcommit until you clean the board with dohaeris. Tywin or Cersei and the little baby will be unstoppable at that time. The timing of the agenda allows many dirty tricks, but it’s not easy at all to play with the agenda and to choose the right attachments at the right time.

My favourite tricks are with syrio’s training which allows surprise uo or renown with myrcella and strenghtens up forced march, enabling an extra kneel putting it on your chud or an opponents char that hasn’t the mil icon but you want to kneel. This last one was firstly discovered by Daniele, who tested the deck with me and was brave enough to bring it to the tournament (but was less lucky ending up 4-2). That’s why I want to thank him and all the other friends that tested the deck for me (since I was a bit busy and had not time to play enough games) and also that tested against me to help me find out this build.

You guys know who you are... ;)

Moreover, I want to thank Florian for the amazing agenda! It made deckbuilding exciting again.

I hope you will enjoy this deck the same as I did, I will try to answer to every question as always.




Zaramis 253

I love seeing that it is, in some ways, utilizing my old favorite sort of Lannister, the control Lanni with Supporting the Faith and Paid Off. <3

siegeszug 322

Syrio's Training on the opponent's character and a consecutive Forced March is so dirty, I love it.

siegeszug 322

I want to know, if there was an opponent who remembered what Paid-Off or Fever Dreams do without reading it.

Nimer 2757

@Zaramisehehheheh since you can search for them, why not? Supporting is always good to ensure that nothing will annoy you that turn (of course discard all the iron banks if you can). Reserve 4 hurts a but but it’s worth it. Moreover, paid off does its job and you can immediately replace it. @siegeszug they did read soooooo many cards... lol

Toaster 35

@Nimer Thank you for the write up and congratulations on winning that tournament, this is a very intriguing deck and I also toyed around with the new Agenda a bit. I have some questions if you don't mind:

Could you go a bit more in depth about the general strategy?
I'm not quite sure why Ser Pounce is good (aren't most of the babies no-kneeling anyways or have the Intrigue icon?).

Could you elaborate on the Trading With Qohor order of triggers:
Would for example Turncloak trigger if it just got brought in by Trading With Qohor? Or do you only get things like Renown from Disputed Claim? Are you allowed to Bestow when bringing cards into play with Trading With Qohor?

Thanks a lot for helping me learn.

argento 649

Amazing deck ! Congrats !

Lannister 563

Good job mate. Congrats for making Lanni great again. Let's play soon :)

Diomedes 3294

I knew you would come up with something amazing soon, but this is even better! 3x Ser Pounce = best deck ever! :-D

Nimer 2757

@Toaster the cat is crucial for the deck for several reasons: even if it's unique it fits perfectly for the agenda. It has ambush, so you can put it on a char, make the int challenge(s), sacrifice it to find something else, ambush it again if you have another one in hand the next turn, or on another character. The only "natural" non-kneeler is Myrcella, but against T1 decks it's almost impossible to have hand advantage in the first turns, and pounce plays a big role there. Sometimes they keep cards in hand to stop her, but you ambush the kitten and ruin their plans. There are also a lot of uniques wihtout int icon: Tanda, Tommen, Pylos, Cressen, Shireen... and also it's good against martell and the shadow city bastard, to give the int icon back to the character. It's also very good on pycelle to refill your hand. The order of trigger after you win a challenge is this: Reactions, Oppositions, Claim, Keywords, and the agenda is between step 3 and 4. It means that you must already have played turncloak: the good thing is that you steal the char and then sac the attach so he'll never take it back; the bad thing is that he will see it coming.

@argentoand @Lannisterthanks guys!

@Diomedes thanks mate!!! It's also your merit if I came up with this list to be honest: you did remind me that this game allows to be creative and competitive in a period when I was discouraged by the overefficiency of some houses and builds. Your amazing deck and showing gave me the courage to try to think out of the box again! ;)

argento 649

No draw issues anyway? And stability with 75 cards even if the agenda help?

Nimer 2757

When you need to draw, you put fever dreams into play or play the plot and search for Pycelle. I think we found a good balance with this version of the deck in terms of stability. A couple of more limited could guarantee to have one turn 1 but I won many games without. The overall income of plots and Tywin also help. The problem if you add too many locations is that you could end up not drawing characters or attachments, which are crucial for the deck. The only game I lost was because I drew only one attachment, I cycled it a bit but the turn I was supposed to win the game with renown on Cersei he played his Cressen and discarded my only attachment... :( We though about City Gates but we had not enough time to test it.

@Toaster I forgot to answer about bestow: yeah you can bestow gold on the attachment when it enters play! ;)

Diomedes 3294

I'm very happy to have sparked your fantastic deckbuilding fire, Nimer! :D This deck is really amazing, I think I need to see it in action before I can understand how it works. :)

Reim 865

Congrats for your win. Another amazing deck and well piloted. Keep up building with more such decks.

SpiriT 179

Oh boy, oh boy, is Lanni great again? Thanks Nimer!

servetz 30

I can't still figure out how on hell I could die by that stupid maester pylos :/ Well played as usual nimer!

jeermaster 824

Congratulations, and a great deck! I'm glad you like the agenda. =)

Nimer 2757

@Reimthanks mate! @SpiriT enjoy! :P @servetzhe could've been even more scary if you didn't nothing burn pounce and casterly rock turn 1... :P @jeermaster thanks Florian! Yeah when I saw it first I didn't like it that much... but when I noticed the banner trait....... <3. Well done, smart design!

Loras Tyrell 316


Venser 1

@Nimeryour thoughts about trading with Qohor? I heard from a very reliable source that is horrible, L L L e L L L #alwaysonthepiece

Bambi 406

Not running 3 x Kevan? In 75 for card draw out of a faction that suffers for it, I think he's a solid choice. Especially if you factor in a Tower of the Hand.

Nimer 2757

Hi @Bambi! I would play 3 of him if I played Iron Bank, but I found no space (and no other uses besides queens men) for it. Kevan can help but also had downsides: makes the setup worse, has a bad cost/str ratio, is a lord that could stop lancel from being very strong (even if Lancel is 1x). I found cheaper characters to be more crucial than him during my tests to be honest, even if I considered the option.

Von Wibble 191

Congratulations, looks like a really fun deck to pilot!

What are your thoughts on Isle of Ravens to allow re-use of sacrificed attachments?

Nimer 2757

Hi @Von Wibble and thanks! Isle of Ravens was 3x in the first version of the deck but I removed all the copies for more attachments. Unless you want to play an attachment more than 3 times in a game it is too slow, and I found that it was better to play more attachments than it.

cadupa96 82

Amazing deck building, congrats!

Quick question, is the banner of the stag that important for the deck to justify using Alliance, thus increasing the variance of the deck (75 cards vs 60 cards)?

Thanks in advance!

Nimer 2757

Hi @cadupa96! Well disputed claim is usually your win condition, and the rollor package helps with fever dreams, withering cold and having hand advantage, so I would say that the stag banner is crucial for this deck. Moreover, you need to play a lot of attachments and having 75 cards helps in having more balance between card types, so it’s not much of a drawback. You also start cycling attachments soon so you will likely draw non-attachments cards mid game.

Von Wibble 191

I used this deck (first time I have netdecked, but it looked fun!) at a regional yesterday and came third, so thanks for posting! Interestingly in the meta we had (I faced Stark 5 times and Tyrell twice, no other games) the Bodyguards achieved little beyond being claim soak, I think I'd remove some for an extra Seized and Milk. I really liked having these 2 attachments on demand as it made Mace, Flea Bottom, and Wyman somewhat more trivial to deal with!

A card I'd also love to add would be a cheeky Ser Robert Strong, he seems a natural fit with all the kneeling? Lack of space is of course a problem, I think Tanda as often the deck wants to go first but she is better going second?

Nimer 2757

Hey @Von Wibble, you are welcome, congratz for the tournament! The bad thing about robert strong is that you dont have many other effects that need 5 gold during the challenge phase, so he is very predictable and also you have to keep gold for something that maybe you won’t want to trigger that turn. Tanda is great cause she holds all the key attachments so I wouldn’t remove her. About bodyguard vs milk and seized, I think that proportions of attachments are heavy meta dependant, so probably you would have benefit more of a third milk or second seized. I was expecting Martell with varys valar and many valar M in general so that was my decision.

Von Wibble 191

I agree its a meta call on Bodyguards. For some reason (Wyman) Stark seem very popular right now - ironically with all teh stand they have available the only time Withering Cold really did anything all tournament was when my opponent revealed it! Also 2 cost Arya was popular.

Nimer 2757

Link to the final here:

MadSirian 1

It s impressive how creative you are with the decks. Very inspiring . I dont play that much but when i see a new deck from you i jumb back to play it

Nimer 2757

@MadSirianthanks mate! Don't leave this game it's still amazing! :D