Patchface's Fury - Winner "At Storm's End" (20p, 6-1)

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Derived from
The Fury of the Babies - Winner @Vignola Regional 75 49 31 1.0
Inspiration for
The Paws Behind the Throne (Top 4 @ IoWorlds 2018) 11 5 4 1.0

Diomedes 3190

Patchface is the coolest card in this game! I think we can all agree on this. ;) On my quest for a deck with 3x Patchy I came across Nico's amazing Fury of the Babies deck. Nico gave me his blessing to modify his deck to please Patchface's needs. :P Kneel isn't as a good as it used to be, so I took all the kneel stuff out. In the end I removed more than 30 cards, Tywin among them, to make even more room for janky cards. :D

This is the result, and what can I say? This is hands down my favourite Thrones deck. It has so many cool attachment cards that literally noone else uses. First of all of course the mighty Ser Pounce (the second coolest Thrones card after Patchy), but also Glass Candle, Maester's Chain, Disputed Claim, Fever Dreams, Motley, The Boy King and Syrio's Training. There is also a place for characters like Joffrey or Marya Seaworth. Winning games with STR 7 tricon Joffrey non-kneeling during gaining 3 power for renown is so much fun. And this actually happens pretty often! I won a 20-player tournament with this deck (Link: You find the tournament report below.

So how does this deck work? The easiest way to victory didn't change compared to Nico's version: Slap Disputed Claim on Queen Cersei, attack three times with STR 8 (or 10), and have her gain up to 6 power per round on top of claim and unopposed. The unique cost 3 characters can turn into Baby Cerseis with a little help from Ser Pounce.


Peace and Prosperity is my standard opener in Qohor if I can put enough cost 2 locations in. The most important part is initiative 3, which wins you initiative against most openers (except Summer Harvest, but you're not unhappy if their opening plot is a blank 4 gold plot).

How to stop and shenanigans? Play 2x Supporting the Faith! Hungry Drogon (or Sea of Blood) troubling you? Try this plot with Brothel Madames! ;)

The King in the North is always good with Qohor and King attachments. But this deck has so few triggered effects it relies on, you can perfectly play this plot without your own king.

Valar Dohaeris is fantastic with your low-cost characters loaded up with attachments. Cost 10 also fits Cersei and one of the voltron babies.

I love Political Disaster. The plot is great in the location-heavy meta right now!

Here to Serve is very versatile as it either gets you attachment control (Maester Cressen) or draw (Voltron Pylos, Grand Maester Pycelle, and Oldtown Scholar in your matchups)


Ward is obviously a problem, but you have Maester's Chain! :D

Fever Dreams is not bad with Tyrion money and Qohor. Seized by the Guard is a good alternative if you don't play Political Disaster.

Motley is not only needed for Voltron Patchface, it also triggers Cersei.


Casterly Rock is the key card! Everyone can become a catknight, but you have to draw Casterly Rock to make the most out of it. If you have it in your starting hand, keep it, don't set it up and marshal it for free with Peace and Prosperity.

Gold Mine and Flea Bottom are an effective combo, especially with The Hound.

The Goldroad lets you do your challenge phase stuff during Supporting the Faith turns. Golden Tooth let's you do the same, but it's better used as a taxation action. This deck makes your opponent discard lots of cards and You Win Or You Die is a common plot. You can also easily discard a knelt Golden Tooth for Political Disaster.

I love Sweet Cersei, but with Political Disaster and Peace and Prosperity I prefer the other econ cards.


Voltron up Maester Pylos with Ser Pounce and Glass Candle, attacking thrice with stealth and drawing 3 cards! This is a combo I play pretty often, because sometimes you're behind and can't activate Disputed Claim. Thanks to Jim Hansen for making me put 2 more Pylos and Glass Candle in! :)

Voltron up Patchface with Ser Pounce and Motley!

Marya Seaworth is oviously great with Tyrion, but we also have Voltron Pylos and Syrio Forel.

Myrcella doesn't always need her little brother's cat, sometimes Disputed Claim alone makes her a STR 5 non-kneeler with renown. Pretty good for a 4-gold investment. Voltron her up further with Syrio Forel, his Training and Widow's Wail!

If you don't have your best targets for Disputed Claim, Myrcella's younger or older brother or sometimes even her second cousin can step in. I included the cheap lords instead of ladies or bastards to have targets for The Boy King.

Brothel Madames are awesome (and really, really mean with Supporting the Faith)! ;)

Tournament Szczecin

Round 1 Win vs. Summer

He had Randyll Tarly early on, but I could control him with Motley (giving Patchface renown!). I had a bodyguarded Myrcella surviving his Valar Morghulis and going wild with Disputed Claim.

Round 2 Win vs. Wars

This game was really close. He had 5 warships out together with 2 Drowned Men, so I had to play Political Disaster round 3. Brothel Madame protected me from challenges, but Theon with Great Kraken meant that he had more power on his faction card than me, so I couldn't give renown to my non-kneeling Myrcella. I made a huge mistake sac'ing Ser Pounce instead of Syrio's Training on Myrcella, because she got knelt by Forced March. :/ Plan B: Patchface with Ser Pounce and Motley on King Balon giving him stealth and renown. The 3 power on my fool saved me when time was called, because we tied 10-10 and my Alliance deck had more cards left.

Round 3 Win vs. Wolf

My set up Patchface with Ser Pounce got bounced by Dorea Sand, damn it! He had lots of icon control (Nymeria and 2 Shadow City Bastards) round 1 stopping my 3 chuds doing any challenge. I played 2x Supporting the Faith during the next 2 rounds to stop his Flea Bottom and other shenanigans. I was hesitant with The King in the North because of Ward on my duped Tommen. Round 3 I played Cersei and she gained 5 power in one challenge phase. I put a Bodyguard to protect her, then he exchanged Arianne for ValArya being afraid of Milk of the Poppy. I obviously put a milk on Arya. Next round I had to play The King in the North despite Ward. Luckily he played Valar Dohaeris and I didn't choose duped Tommen because the deck doesn't rely on triggers. I played my 2 maesters, and he indeed topdecked 2 Ward this round. :D STR 10 Cersei with renown won 4 power by herself, enough to win the game.

Round 4 Loss vs. Wars

I didn't see Casterly Rock and he picked Cersei for claim round 1. Ser Pounce without Casterly Rock is half the fun. I discarded Strangler from Myrcella with Maester's Chain! :D Maester Pylos with Pouncy (and Glass Candle) countered his Left and Right while his Scheming Septon countered my Supporting the Faith. In the end neither of us had a strong character: his Renly got 2x Motley and 1 Milk, my Myrcella's Disputed Claim was only activated round 2 (and won me 3 power then). When time was called we finished 7-9.

Round 5 Win vs. Meereen

Unsurprisingly there were 3 Targ Meereen decks in the top 4, but all my plots are tech against , even Here to Serve. But I already had the Oldtown Scholar in setup, triggered him twice to draw 3 cards. I also had a Brothel Madame and played Supporting the Faith twice, there is nothing better than Drogon sitting there like a good boy. :P Round 3 I also got the Cersei + Voltron Pylos combo going drawing 3 cards and winning 7 power in 1 challenge phase! I wanted to qohor a Bodyguard to protect the 6 power on Cersei, but wait! Did I just draw the 2nd bodyguard with Pylos's insight? Crap! He played Valar Morghulis and killed his unduped board, but can spam the board like no other faction: 2x Great Hall for Ser Jorah Mormont, Missandei for Meereen, Qotho for free, and 3 gold for Aegon Targaryen and Daario Naharis. STR 5 Voltron Pylos had survived Valar, and got supported by my other janky combo: Tyrion + Marya Seaworth :D This was enough to edge out the win.

Top 4 Win vs. Meereen

The semifinal was much smoother. He had a 1-card setup after a mulligan and openend Summer Harvest instead of Late Summer Feast like my last opponent. This time I could get a Bodyguard on Cersei and rushed to a 15-0 victory.

Final Win vs. Wars

Rematch (on ironthrone because I didn't have enough time to play the final on the day), and this time I started much better. Casterly Rock and Voltron Pylos out round 1 drew me 3 cards, Cersei among them. He had only 1 icon which meant I was getting lots of unopposed power, which was necessary to activate Disputed Claim on Cersei because of his Oldtown+Scheming Septon. Tricon renown insight Patchface hit the board round 3, but wasn't needed because my opponent had no way of stopping Cersei.


Nimer 2686

<3 <3 <3

Diomedes 3190

All the credit to you, Nico! Nobody else would have even considered bringing together the 2 worst Houses, and then you did it in such a spectacular way! I just adapted the deck to today's meta... and added 3 Patchface! :D

Odrl 1152

Lovely stuff. :)

sirkamlot 1

It was a pleasure to play with you Hanno :) Dat marya with pyłów destroyed me totally ;)

Jools 46

2nd game's GJ/Wars here. Great deck, piloted straightforwardly and smoothly ;) We all was quite suprised and very intrigued by your deck. At first i didn't see any danger from your deck but letter i saw these mini voltron combos. Cersei/Casterly/Disputed is the power bomb.

BlackFyre123 71


Diomedes 3190

Thanks guys!

@sirkamlot, @Jools Thanks for the interesting and friendly games :)

Palpa 10

Insane Magic! :D

dfaust 65

Looks like a fun deck to play! I was curious if you ever felt like ever needed a certain attachment in the deck but they were all in the discard pile? Would a Isle of Ravens make the deck stronger or was that never an issue?

Diomedes 3190

This is sometimes an issue as you can read in the tournament report (round 5). But I doubt a single Isle of Ravens in an 75-card deck is the solution. This deck doesn't cycle its attachments as quickly as my other Qohor decks ( or I do play the Isle there (2x in the Alliance deck) because the deck repeatedly needs the attachments' STR bumps. In this deck you're better off with additional attachments.

YuleOoze 206

I really like the deck but Stark seems almost unbeatable if they don't screw up themselves... -.-

Diomedes 3190

Mhh, I didn't have any particular trouble with so far. They have few ways to handle Cersei, Supporting the Faith and The King in the North shuts many of their tricks down, especially Meera Reed. Maester's Chain and Maester Cressen are a really good counter to Ward and Frozen Solid that usually doesn't have.

YuleOoze 206

OK, that's funny/strange because for me every time I occupied good old Skaagos (which you can't handle at all without Seized by the Guard) there was 0 chance to win the game. I agree, if you are lucky enough to open all your matches with reducer and duped Cersei, you won't have any trouble anyway. ;P As somebody mentioned above it would be really nice to include Isle of Ravens as you quickly run out of unfair options if the game takes longer than expected.

Diomedes 3190

You could play Seized by the Guard of course (I know Jim Hansen plays it instead of Fever Dreams), but in my games The King in the North, Political Disaster, and especially Treachery have been enough control for Skagos. Just focus on positive attachments, I don't really feel the need to milk their big guys. Or play Motley instead of Milk, at least you get that attachment back and they can't use the sacrifice reactions on Wyman or Robb.

Regarding Isle of Ravens: a couple of times I needed an additional Bodyguard or Disputed Claim, but you should probably play an additional copy of that attachment instead of Isle then.

YuleOoze 206

OK, I will try out some more games and tweaks. :P Bodyguard and Disputed Claim were just the cards I was worried about. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

hagarrr 801

OMG Hanno what is this nonsense?! ;-)

Congratulations on winning again with another deck! Now, as a Lannister loyalist, you can really begin to reverse the fortunes of a dying house in the aGoT LCG

P.S. I tried this out and got smashed by a newer player. Does that make me bad?

Diomedes 3190

This deck doesn't belong to House Lannister, it belongs to House Patchface!

That's also probably why you can't handle it. You haven't been very supportive of Patchface in the past, Richard.

The Patchface Remembers! ;)

Mog 63

I've played the deck this saturday at a store Championship in Lyon, France. 24 players and i made top 8. I got destroyed by Stark Sea of blood turn 1 with Ward + Skagos. But it was very pleasant to play. I've made 3-2 in the swiss. 3 wins : Baratheon Wars Baratheon Summer Targaryen Banner of the wolf 3 loss : Greyjoy WtC (champion) Greyjoy SoB (Top 8) Stark SoB (semi-finalist)

I loved the deck, but i wish i had more time to test it before the tournament. I choose to play it the day before and made only one game. :D

Thank you for this piece of beauty!

Diomedes 3190

Glad you enjoy the deck! :)

I haven't played this against Sea of Blood yet, but that's a tough matchup for sure. You really rely on seeing one of those Brothel Madames, Old Bill Bone or The Hound (TtB) probably. But once you have a Brothel Madame out, you can totally block the challenge for 2 rounds with Supporting the Faith... unless they have Drowned God Fanatic or Ward that is :P

Zmiq 1

I have played the deck on the Vaes Bulghar 2019 tournament this weekend and I made it to Top8 :) Unfortunately I have lost there against Targ Burn deck, but in general I think what you did with this deck is something phenomenal!

Yea, the performance is a bit weak against mass chud removals and strong military, but it still it is so much fun to play :) Keep up the good work!

Diomedes 3190

I'm glad you enjoy the deck! :)

You should be able to control Targ Burn pretty easily with 2x Supporting the Faith (if it isn't Fealty that is). STR 8 or 10 Cersei Lannister (LoCR) is also unstoppable for burn in my experience.