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NikolaP 61

Wanted to make Doran Martell (SoD) work, and he apparently did work. He is amazing at slowing the game down, and with Dorne giving you the tools to control the game until you strike a winning blow. Deck went 4-0 at the tournament, beating Lanni Crossing, Lanni Rains, Bara banner Rose and Bara Brotherhood.

Opening plot is almost always At Prince Doran's Behest into Late Summer Feast. Exceptions can be Forced March if Quentyn Martell (SoD) is in setup, or you have Someone Always Tells in hand and are expecting a nasty When revealed from opponent, so you play gain-gold plot or Littlefinger's Meddling.

Deck usually wins by taking 7, 8 power with Doran's Game after delaying opponent for a couple of rounds. I loved A Game of Thrones in this deck, after not playing it since core set. It works great as a delay plot, and even if the opponent makes you first player, you'll have enough go-first cards to make him question that decision. Areo Hotah (SoD) was also beast in later plots, discouraging the opponent from attacking and jumping in for free.

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