Golden Kraken

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Golden Kraken

A balanced // spread and a 2:1 ratio of characters:locations helps things develop quickly.


The strategy here is to leverage cards like The Roseroad, The God's Eye, and Lannisport Moneylender to boost the gold of our plot cards, then play our heavy hitters by reducing their costs with Sea Tower, Western Fiefdom, and Iron Islands Fishmonger.

Pillage with Euron Crow's Eye and Ser Gregor's Marauders, who can be used in a variety of challenges to take advantage of weaknesses in the opponent's defense and burn away their draw deck. Further, King of Salt and Rock grants any Ironborn character the ability to Pillage and conditionally gain a power token. I like Asha Greyjoy (Core) or Aeron Damphair (TIMC) for this, with Esgred a 'dark horse' option as she has all three challenges available, and can stealth 2 characters.

The Tickler can kneel during the Dominance phase to perform a Pillage-like, and more.

Meanwhile, we hasten to victory with Balon Greyjoy (CtA), Euron Crow's Eye, Victarion Greyjoy, and also Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) and Chella Daughter of Cheyk having or being capable of Renown.

Of course, it never hurts to have an ace on hand: Jaqen H'ghar can instantly make enemy challenges a dangerous calculation, while allowing you to leverage his three challenge options with the rest of the deck to pick off your Valar Morghulis targets.

Ahead of the Tide we have on hand to win with Snowed Under. Speaking of,

-Plots(Keeping these)

Ranger's Cache - When we have Lannisport Treasury in play with some gold on it, and perhaps some other gold-granting cards out, the additional 3 gold here can really let that next round be explosive.

Filthy Accusations - A useful wildcard to deal with a pesky character overloaded with attachments. Maybe stick him with a Valar Morghulis token this round.

Gossip and Lies - We already have a couple of cards that don't have to kneel during attacks, now we can get away with for a round, too? With enough bonus gold cards out and a solid initiative, this a winner in the later game.

Snowed Under - With Ahead of the Tide.

Winter Festival - While five gold is nice, the true value of this card is in the 2 free power. I like to use this card early.

-Plots (I'm looking at replacing these)

Taxation - Did you draw two The Kingsroad? I don't think this really serves a purpose otherwise, except it has 6 initiative, which will help score that King Balon's Solar bonus.

Rebuilding - The cards I've wanted to get back are usually more dead than discarded, and Old Wyk is better for this. I think.

This is a first-time deck by an absolute newcomer and I'm working on it as I go. Thanks.

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