Dothraki Engagement Party - Winner UK Nats 2018

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vexien 707

Get engaged, go for a curry, win nationals.

Link to original list by Babaz

Jousting Pavilion

On the release of pack 3, I took HRD Meereen to a regional after being alerted to the incredibly convenient combination of Meereen and Queensguard. Trigger Mereen for 3 cards that are going to be discarded anyway, stand a character 3 times, rinse repeat. The few test games I had of it showed that if you could get Queensguard on Khal Drogo turn 1 or 2, you were highly likely to win because your opponent would have to spend all their time dealing with you. The only issue I had was if you didn't see Khal Drogo, it felt like it wasn't going anywhere and Queensguard was often a bit wasted.

Once Babaz posted his list, some of us immediately switched in 3 copies of Queensguard and tested it out. The original list was already fast enough on its own, but with the additional stand it just hits a whole new level. My expectation of the meta was a lot of drowned god, a few Tyrell Wars at the top, and other rush decks trying to just close out games before anyone could get set up. This felt like it had the best chance to take them out as it has the ability to play as both rush and aggro at the same time, making your opponent have to play your game rather than their own.

Typically my game plan was to get Hizdahr with backup on set up and open Heads on Spikes, failing that open Time of Plenty and get a board ready. If you can see Hizdahr turn 1, your need for econ is minimal as he will do it all for you. You just have to be careful how many cards you are discarding initially so you don't leave yourself to a reset with no cards. If you can get Meereen as well, then everything should be smooth sailing, with or without Queensguard. The key characters once you have Hizdahr are Khal Drogo and Daario (Aegon to go find him as well). Once you have a pair of them out, the clock starts and your opponent will be more focused on managing you than their own plan. You have to be careful for either Valar at this point, but there was a minimal amount of Morghulis outside of Greyjoy from what I could see, so it was just making sure you didn't get greedy and flip King in the North into Dohaeris when Hizdahr has done his work.

I'll save the match report this time round as most of its all a blur. Top 4 and final games will be available soon on The White Walkers channel.

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend amazing as always. Shout outs to

  • Liam Hall, Tony Makos and the Asmodee team for running a great event.
  • Team Ukulele for their help in all things during the run up to this weekend
  • Gabbi for putting up with my shit all the time
  • The rest of the UK meta (and Sandy!) who came out to celebrate our engagement with us

See you at Worlds!


MiSiO 273

I love the theme but hate rushing as a general theme for Targ. Targ shenanigans are what I find most interesting about the faction so this deck IS a fun one :) Except for the rush part :P:P

Stormborn 301

Needs more Rakharo

sandy 165

I was wrong, our decks are 8 (not 5!) cards different and one plot :P

Great seeing you, and congrats again!

Graham 9

This deck is tremendously fun to play--congrats on the performance!

Maniac 1

Great and fun deck, completely obliterated my opponent twice yesterday. Didn't even see Queensguard once.