One on one knights. 4th place Westeros; 10th place Fracas

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Emils 34

This is my knight deck with whom I have played in last tournaments I have participated. Initially I didn’t made it to be a competitive deck, but somehow I enjoyed to play with it, so tried it in tournaments. I have won some small tourneys in my country with it, but in big events it somehow falls a bit short. It does amazing against more popular decks like Tyrell Wars Mace Tyrell (HoT) or Targaryen crossing, but it doesn’t have answers to many other decks. Martell is definitely one of the toughest opponents because of the Vengeance for Elia and Venomous Blade. Also almost always my only losses is against decks which play Breaking Ties. That plot just wrecks this deck.

My main strategies with this deck depends mostly from draw. If I get Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) then I will try to play aggro and either try to kill as many characters as I can or to destroy opponents hand. Olenna's Informant and Flea Bottom works amazingly with Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT) as does You Win Or You Die, because you don’t care that your hand will get discarded.

If I don’t get him then I will try to rush as much as I can with other knights. And because of well timed Supporting the Faith you don’t care too much from resets. One of my favorite stuffs to do with this deck is leave two gold and in challenges play The Bounty of Highgarden to ambush Olenna's Informant.

In conclusion I can really say that I enjoy to play with this deck, but it misses something to be put in the same league as the top decks now. Maybe because of Breaking Ties some good loyal knight

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Lannister 383

Hate this deck haha :D