We All Live in a Yellow Summerine

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This is my list that I took to the 3rd Battle of Braavos.
I went 2 and 3 in a field of 17 dominated by Targaryen builds.


Nothing really new here - the main focus of this deck is winning dominance (Traitor, Throne, Fiery Followers), dominance-based passive power gain (Chamber, Gendry), and power challenges (The Red Keep and Shireen, Bobby and his knights).
I added in some R'hllor-traited cards like Melisandre (Core) and Seen In Flames for light hand- and board-control.


Suggested opener plot is Late Summer Feast, followed by Calm Over Westeros.
If all goes well, you can crank up the heat with You Win Or You Die, then close it out with Sneak Attack and/or A Feast for Crows.
The other two plots can be slotted in before YWOYD if more setup is required.

Observations and after-thoughts

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