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RenHero 38

Formerly known as Bleem!, built the deck at Rob St John’s 12-hour livestream, intended to get it on camera but it didn’t end up happening.

I really like this deck, but once it gets rolling it can be a little oppressive, and some people may even call it NPE. Meh. All I know is The Wall + Chamber of the Painted Table + The Iron Throne are a little gross.

Not running the full R’hllor suite in favour of two Renly Baratheon and two Ser Davos Seaworth - the former is a tricon that makes your stuff cheaper, and the latter is another Stealth-block with some protection for Military challenges. Otherwise, the only things I’m not super sure about are Old Bear Mormont, Longclaw, and the singleton Castle Black. Old Bear is really all-or-nothing and isn’t the easiest guy to get on the board despite all the help, so sometimes he just sits in hand until he gets Intrigued. Longclaw is OK on most guys, but almost needs to be on Old Bear, so its utility is hand-in-hand. Castle Black has been fantastic and I need to find room for a second.

The first iteration was -1 Maester Cressen -1 Here to Serve +1 Milk of the Poppy +1 Confiscation - I’m not sure what’s the better pair yet.

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