Targ/Shadows-4th place Red Saturday

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Juggernaut-75 103

The Strong Bruh posting another deck here from the StormBruhs podcast. I am not going to go crazy in depth, if you would like a more in depth analysis listen to our podcast about Red Saturday coming out sometime next week.

First I would like to thank Roy Rogers and for organizing this tournament and the entire NECT. He did an amazing job and every tournament I went to was great. There are a lot of people who ran all these different tournaments and they all were great.

Went with targ/shadows over HRD for this one. Here is a quick run down.

Round 1 - Bye- win, I am a stud. Thank you Bay of Crabs Round 2 - Martel/Shadows, Chris Lavin- win, I was pretty much in control the entire game and won. Round 3 - Martel/Wolf, Andreas Aldrin - win, Another game where I was in control the entire time. Round 4- GJ/Wars, Jameson Web- lose, GJ is my worst matchup, last plot valared myself and lost. Round 5- Tyrell/Shadows, Chris Schoenthal- lose, Did not see meereen till too late, game went to long and he won Round 6- Tar/Crossing, Xavier Strittmatter- Win, He started out hot but my Valar slowed him down and I won.

Cut: GJ/Wars, Jameson Webb again- Win, I hit enough burn and had meereen out and won the game. Top 8- Tyrell/Summer, Julio Fuentes- Win, he was ahead on power early, VM slowed him down and I won. Top 4- Martel/Wolf, Andreas Aldrin Again lol- Lose, Did not see meereen till too late, and he had the answers and controlled the entire game.

Overall: I like the deck a lot. I think if you seen meereen turn 1 or 2 it is just a more efficient version of targ hrd. Only real changes I would make, is VM becomes VD and added a 2nd gates of the moon. need that eco.


uBaH 83

SO the Shadow agenda is just to hide cards from Marshaling Meereen triggers?

Juggernaut-75 103

@uBaHbasically it makes your meereen better. In my targ/hrd deck that won bay of crabs, I wanted to meereen during the marshaling phase. When you hit events, or you hit dany and dont have the gold it really sucked putting that in the discard pile. Now is makes using meereen during the marshaling phase much more efficient.