Assault From Hightower (best tyrell TOP 8 @WinterFestival)

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Bruce 41

Many people asked me about the deck, so here is the list. AFTS is a fantastic agenda that allows you to have numerous options during the game. During the building, the first choices to make is The Hightower vs Flea Bottom, both very strong and useful card. The choice falls on hightower because is a cost 4 non-limited location with +1 gold and +1 card 2/3 time every round so WTF!!I'am not a fan of The Arbor and this deck need a strong economy, so 6 limited location and 6 non limited location for economy help a lot in the set-up. Also the meta call control location and between frozen solid, greyjoi everywhere and Barring the Gates flea is most often a dead card. The deck has answers for everything except locations because the deck is fast enough to avoid the control location.

Swiss Round (6-1)

GJ banner dragon (W)

Tyrell assault from the shadow (W)

Targa Castamere (W)

Targa Red door (W)

Martell Wars (W)

Gj Wras (L)

Targa Assault from the shadow (W)

TOP 16 Lanny banner wolf (W)

TOP8 Martell Wars (L)

This game was over but my terrible mistake gives the victory to my opponent.


Don 43

Ottimo torneo Bruce and congrats for super brand new deck. Ale G. :)

Bruce 41

@Dongrazie Ale! ;)