Deserter for the Wall GeƤnderter Test! (clone)

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Korsis 19


Toaster 35

Old Bear Mormont (WotW) and Mutiny At Craster's Keep don't go too well together, but if it's only 2 cards that are like that you are probably fine.

Old Bill Bone is very helpful against Sea of Blood and The Free Folk agendas.

Return to the Fields might work well replacing an Econ Plot with that many low cost characters.

Just my thoughts :)

Toaster 35

I'm also not too sure how well Breaking Ties works against Greyjoys Big Guys with Sea of Blood or similar things under Targaryen, because most of their big dudes are loyal.

But cutting Breaking Ties for Flea Bottom is also a bit problematic, because the deck slots are already very tight.