Drowned God WtC - Kings of the Isles - Final Version

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Drowned God WtC - Kings of the Isles 15 9 7 1.0
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Drowned God - Post FAQ version 0 0 1 3.0

Benji 716

The final version of the deck.

Overall, it performs poorly because in the competitive level, Stark crush you due to Ward (otherwise it would be manageable), and SoB basically requires you to see 3 saves per game. Outside of the agenda, the matchup is favorable. But their agenda allows to tutor, while you must draw your saves. So it makes all the difference and you enter an unfavorable matchup that you can only win by waiting to put Tarle/Aeron + Disciple backed by 2/3 saves (which is still harder to do, because they can destroy your economy and block your Trade Routes, thus the presence of Trading, which is not a brillant economic plot in this deck).

In order to lift the economic curve with 2-gold characters and add Iroborn to respawn with Tarle (It's not really convenient to let Tarle or Old Grey Gull die), I exchanged the three flexible cards :

  • 1 Old Bill Bone
  • 1 Theon Greyjoy
  • 1Hagen's Daughter

for Lordsport Shipwright x3. Controlling location is not that strong but can occasionally be useful, for example by stopping FB abuse in Stark (and annoying Skaagos a bit, since it can still be triggered in standing).

Plot change :

  • 1 Valar Morghulis
  • 1 Building Order for +1 Counting Coppers +1 Return to the Field

Valar Morghulis is not useful because you lose too much time rebuilding a table. Building order does not provide enough economy or card advantage to really be interesting.

I put a second Counting Coppers because Drowned God can play in low economy and needs more than anything card advantage to see the different cards. I put Return to the Fields in order to have additional card advantage when facing a reset (or by anticipation of a later reset in the game), and it can be used as an initiative plot for some situations. Unfortunately, sacrifice does not trigger the "when it dies " effect.

I had a lot of fun with this deck, following a different logic than conventional. But now I am tired of it. Also tired of the metagame. I am looking forward to see if the powerlevel drastically increase in the following agenda, because the current situation of the metagame is a monopoly due to the overpowering of an agenda, which is doing nothing more than an effect approaching the powerlevel of V1 agenda.


Noroo:D 8

I took this deck and went to the tournament, but I lost 2 wins and 3 losses. I could not beat Karhold at all.

Benji 716

It's not a good deck in the metagame. And it requires practice to reach his full potential. Karhold plays Stark, if I am correct. You might concede before starting the game :D

Benji 716

Ah, Karhold the card. Well, Stark is already lost. They just make a deckbuilding choice that make you lose even more. But I am not sure whether this card is really pertinent in the current metagame.