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Benji 716

The evolution of the deck with the new FAQ, since it had three restricted. See 1.2 changes at the bottom.

Between Wars to Come, Trade Routes and Iron Mines, the last one is the unquestioned pick for the restricted. WtC and TR are cumfort cards, Iron Mines is vital to allow the functioning of the core mecanic.

The agenda choice is between The House With the Red Door and Greensight. I choose the first because the impact of having Nagga's Ribbs 100% of the time and make him immune to Sea of Blood is (much) more efficient. Additionally, it releases 2 slots in the deck and the deck can afford well the drawback of the reduced setup.

At the Gates replaces Summer Harvest because this deck search for economy and draw. The possibility to setup Gates of the Moon T1 in 100% of the games is more beneficial than the incertitude around Summer Harvest.

Additionally, Iron Gate was 8/9/10 economic location the thematic was so much looking for. The Kingsroad is not really good because it's a one-shot and his effect disappear after a reset. This location provides the necessary economic stability for the deck.

We Take Westeros! comes in addition. Because it does a bit of everything : Economy, Initiative on the finish turn and Draw with Iron Gate. With the last one, it's basically a 6-9-1-Draw 2, which is (slightly) better to most things.

Old Bill Bone is "metagame reason". I play him in x3 because after putting the first copy, I am on the "flexible cards" of the sceptrum. Due to the impact of removing a turn of SoB or Wildlings (or even Assault) and the possibility to remove him with Return to the Fields (or Valar Dohaeris) I chosed to play three copies. He also provides Mil-Int-Resistence to FSoW and 2-gold cards for setup in HwtRD, which is a bit of everything you are looking for.

I remind that Confiscation is life-insurance that cannot be removed, even if most of the time this is unuseful. I also remind that Valar Dohaeris and We Take Westeros are basically flexible cards that I judged the most "generally efficient" and you are free to switch them.

I think the rest has been explained in previous publications.

------- Version 1.2 ----------

Summer Harvest because I really need a second economic plot. And this one is too good too often. Valar Dohaeris is basically anti-Tyrell (and works against me most of the time with 7 plots)and I feel like I need it less in the current metagame than an economic plot.

I play Tiers 2, I take risks. The risk here is "I go full resources and I don't care about anything else". Caring about the opponent is for people playing 10 plots...

Drowned God Blessing for Anti-SoB metagame, and that's all. Just change it otherwise. This is better than Old Bill Bone for what it does.

Jade Sea Dromond because the Shipwright does few things. So I prefer an economic location that does it better and that I can retrigger with We Take Westeros.

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