Martell/Wolf (feat. Lem Lemoncloak) TOP-8 @ War of the Faith

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juhlii 24

This is the list which I took to the War of the Faiths, a 38-player tournament in Tallinn. I was really struggling on my joust deck as I thought the restricted list hit Martell/Wolf hard, but after building multiple "quite bad" Conclave decks and getting my GJ deck completely smashed in a SC couple of weeks ago, I decided to go with something that I enjoy playing even if I end up Sansa.

Ward was my choice of restricted card, and to be honest, I didn’t really miss Dorne or Flea Bottom in any of the games during the weekend. Dorne is a very bad card in a meta filled with GJ and SoB, and Arianne, Obara and ambush were enough for challenge phase tricks. Getting rid of Dorne and Flea Bottom gave space to a Last of the Giants module, which is something I've tried out of Martell/Wolf a couple of times before the Martell box came out.

I didn’t have time to test the deck before the trip so my Finnish meta mate Lauri did that for me and also played the same deck at Faiths. Thanks for the help and tips! I played my only test game as a mirror match against him on the boat to Tallinn – it was an absolutely glorious 2,5 hours game ending in my favour on plot 15 thanks to Lem Lemoncloak’s blue icon. At that point I had 4 cards in my draw deck, and he had 3, so I could have decked him with Time of Plenty. He had cut one Karhold to get down to 60 cards, bad call.

The only change I would make would be to swap Isle of Ravens to a third copy of Frozen Solid.

Margus (Stark/Fealty) WIN

To be honest, I was still very tired after the previous night’s party, and can’t remember much about this game. I think I played Last of the Giants into Jaqen and Mag on consecutive rounds, and that probably sealed the game for me.

Krish (NW/Rose) WIN

I had already played with Krish twice in previous night’s melee tournament, and we had a good time playing joust as well. Orange card mind tricks and attrition did their thing, and I think the game was mine after Randyll got tears’d and Krish didn’t draw into much blue icons after that. Krish also gave me really nice icon removal tokens he had made himself, thanks again!

Kaur (GJ/Fealty) WIN

This was a tight game, but I was pretty confident that my deck should be able to handle GJ and it did. This game was just before lunch, and maybe that’s why I’m really struggling to remember any details.

Tupaq (Lanni/SoB) LOSS

I always end up playing against my Finnish meta mate Tupi and he crushes me almost every time (unless I’m playing some janky binder card deck and he doesn’t bother reading what my bad cards actually do). Tupi controlled the game pretty much from the beginning after I rushed a too early Valar Morghulis, and getting a Ward with Exchange and then drawing two more didn’t help much since the only wardable characters he had all game were two Lanni reducer chuds. Highlight of the game for me was when I finally tears’d one of the chuds just out of spite before losing.

Johannes (Stark/Fealty) WIN

I got to have a match against my Finnish meta mate Johannes who I really enjoy playing against as he also likes trying out fun cards (I also enjoy fun cards such as Ward) and understands the only format that matters which is melee. Before the game I was quite certain I was going to lose because I knew he was running a winter deck which made my Karhold useless, but a warded Catelyn and an early Frozen Solid on Skagos helped me secure a win.

Zbignev (Stark/Crossing) MOD WIN

Match against the player who went and won the whole tournament! The highlight of this match was his Rickon first going off to Gulltown and then becoming no one after I had used all my icon control for that round. I wasn’t able to find Karhold all game which slowed down my own power gain as I couldn’t use my dead Desert Raider freely or do awesome orange card 1-str challenges because of his characters’ renown. This was a very tight match, but to be honest I believe Zbignev could’ve won the game if it weren’t for the time ruling. Luckily we were both in the cut anyway at this point.

TOP-16 Johannes (Stark/Fealty) WIN

When I heard I would be playing a new game against Johannes in the cut, I tried to get him wasted in the evening to better my odds of winning, but he resisted and instead somehow ended up playing a practise match with my deck. Luckily it was all a part of my long plan, and when I met Johannes at the hotel breakfast the next morning he told me that he had had nightmares about my Wards. Great! Johannes already wrote more about the very intense match. I think this was the only time I actually used Varys the Last Giant all weekend. I was also happy with my Jaqen the Last Giant jumping in to block an unopposed green challenge from Meera (I think Johannes might’ve won the game if he got one more power that turn). The highlight of the game was definitely Johannes (the constructive player) playing my own game and wiping my board with Ramsay and Skagos into a new Ramsay. That was what I call fun! I hope Johannes has found the truth now and will join the dark side.

TOP-8 Asger (GJ/SoB) LOSS

This was a really hard game for me even though I thought the matchup would be in my favour. I was able to reset the board after Asger’s excellent first turn marshaling with Euron and all the cool boat tricks, but my game just started too slowly and he had Great Kraken which I couldn’t find a Frozen Solid for. With the Kraken racking up power I had to concentrate on defending challenges leading into not-so-great use of resources from my part (I think it was an excellent choice from Asger to just rush power and not choose to draw cards even though he was lacking them after an early YWOYD). At least Karhold took care of Balon’s renown, otherwise I would’ve been completely destroyed. When I finally was able to turn the game to my advantage we were already starting to run out of time, and despite a promising beginning of a comeback, I just couldn’t do enough before time was called.

TLDR: Thanks to all my opponents for the good games, and congrats to the semifinalists Zbignev, Krish, Asger & Kaur, who all had to face the orange cards before making it to the top! The War of the Faiths is a great tournament and I hope next year it will be even bigger!


bonde 1

Hi its Asger

I relay liked your deck and i have been trying to make it for melee. how did you think this kind of deck will work as a melee deck. But to be fear about ower game if we hand more time you would have won, but it was a realty interesting game.

Lannistar 1

Martell/ wolf works great in melee because all of its discarded effects hit each player. In that regard, it does draw a lot of aggro from the table.