Bara Sun Sniper Varys (Part 1)

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Clu 247

I'm going to publish 3 decks in the hopes that some folks will find it interesting or instructional about the journey to building a decent deck. Here is my first painful step. The whole goal was to use Varys (DitD) repeatedly to greatly impact the game.

In order to trigger Varys's kill effect I needed ways to give folks power so he wasn't just lurking in the shadows clogging up my gold. I enlisted the aid of Desert Raider, Consolidation of Power and, The Starry Sept. All three cards are good on their own so I felt it was off to a bang on start. I then looked for other characters that may benefit from opponents having power and drafted River Runner into the fold. Fury seemed like an obvious fit to make sure opponents power didn't get too out of control.

To make sure I was winning the power challenges, Traitor to the Crown fit the bill. Storm's End was always a card I wanted to have work so I tripled down on the power manipulation. Since Starry Sept seemed vital and I already had some dominance control I slotted in Devan Seaworth and Support of the People.

Econ was going to be an issue because who has tons of gold every turn for Varys? Starfall Spy looked promising to help get Varys out and it also explains the x2 Trade Routes.

Looking back at this deck the bones seem ok but, this deck was terrible. It lost games all day prompting me to go a different direction.


Kakita_Rinsei 28

first cards that come to mind for a reaccuring nightmare like Varys is Iron Bank will have its due, also might want to consider different plot selections other than trade routes, i would suggest changing out the trade routes as SOB would ruin any synergy you try to get to complete. Also i would consider strangle to help control power characters from dominating you in challenges. Sorry to hear you lost all day playing the idea. Consider changing the banner house and lead house around. lots of hidden tech and vanguard lancers can help with power control for dirt cheap cost....just saying :)

Kakita_Rinsei 28

oh by the way i am running a deck around varys as well and lots of ambush, carrying gold over to the next round is super strong and varys is possible to come out for free and feed your gold pool at the sametime.

Pietroia 56

it's a super cool idea, but with only 1x littlefinger and 3x city gates u have not a super draw engine.. so if u do not c varys?

Clu 247

All good points. And ultimately why the deck failed. The lack of good draw in Bara without changing the core of the deck is what doomed this pile of cards. That's why this is only part one of the deck building process. I originally had The Red Keep in there to help facilitate something and it kept jamming up my gold. Which makes the idea of The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due help out for the gold part but not the draw part.

After playing with several different versions of this deck I wouldn't mind coming back to Bara to see what I can do. I was pushing the power manipulation too much and should have gone for the kneel package instead. I just really wanted River Runner to be good! If you go kneel for your bara characters, you can use Blackwater Bay as your draw. Slows the game down to give you time to set up Varys (DitD) to snipe off their big characters.

If you click on the Inspiration for link it will take you to the next evolution of the deck.