Lanni Sun Varys Spy Hunter (Part 2)

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Derived from
Bara Sun Sniper Varys (Part 1) 2 1 4 1.0
Inspiration for
Lanni Sun Sleight of Hand Joust Edition (Part 3) 2 1 1 1.0

Clu 247

I'm going to publish 3 decks in the hopes that some folks will find it interesting or instructional about the journey to building a decent deck. Here is my second, much more successful step. The whole goal was to use Varys (DitD) repeatedly to greatly impact the game.

In order to trigger Varys's kill effect I needed ways to give folks power so he wasn't just lurking in the shadows clogging up my gold. I enlisted the aid of Desert Raider and The Starry Sept. Because he's so expensive to trigger his ability he pairs nicely with Starfall Spy. I also dug up Tyrion Lannister (Core) to help gain gold during challenges.

What I felt was lacking in the previous build was a decent card drawing mechanic. I've always been drawn to Gold Mine as an interesting idea to power combo decks; filtering for the right card and seeding the discard pile for Flea Bottom. Or the occasional Citadel Archivist, to help you keep drawing your events and locations after Political Disaster. I was in Martel already and they <3 the discard pile too.

I found a similar effect in Cersei's Informer. I had never played with the card and it looked bad. It was a revelation. Not kidding. Not only does repeat the same thing Gold Mine does but it helps fuel other card draw (Fever Dreams, keeps your cancel fresh (Begging Brother, she also is location control Seized by the Guard or econ boost The Iron Bank. After I started tooling around with this card I couldn't help but do a spy search to see who else I could put in if it made sense.

To keep The Queen's Assassin active I discovered I not only needed card draw but also more hand disruption to keep more cards in my hand than my opponent. This is where Cersei Lannister (DitD) came into play. I didn't need much, just a little shove in the right direction and it was truly working.

This deck really made strides towards winning games. I'd say the win percentage was closer to 70 percent, but the goal to make Varys relevant just wasn't happening. I'm not saying he didn't pull his weight because he certainly had a couple games where he killed off 3 to 4 characters. Cersei seemed to be having just as much impact as Varys. Which leads me to my next deck...

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