Bara Black Cells Assault (Kubla2019 Top 16)

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RedSquadronK 176

This deck was designed by my friend and meta-mate Jesse Gibson, so huge credit to him for making it work and letting me use the deck at KublaCon 2019!

This was the only non-Stark, non-Greyjoy deck to go at least 4-2 and have a chance at making Top 8 at KublaCon 2019 (I lost to play-in game to Stark and ended up 13th overall).

The general idea is to win and dominance and nothing else really matters at all. You know, just Bara stuff. The Black Cells is a pretty insane card as it can stop even things like Wyman or Euron who would normally ignore all your kneel tricks. And triggering it off of Traitor to the Crown or Shadow Priestess coming out of shadows means you've controlled their two best characters for 1 card that turn.

The deck works well against Greyjoy because they usually only play 2-3 giant characters, so you can control them without too much trouble. I've beaten GJ who have stolen my Chamber or Red Keep turn 2. The problem is the deck has a very hard time against Stark cards. Between FroSo slowing you down, Fat Cat providing fast passive power, and them just reflooding wide through 3 resets, it's a very tough matchup.

If I were to keep working on this deck, I would consider trying 1-2 Saving the Kingdom to help slow down the small Stark characters like Arya.

And finally, yes, you're reading it right that it's only 18 characters and 35 locations. It felt pretty good on a Trade Routes turn to say, "Done marshaling, sitting on 23 gold."


footlong 102

Excellent showing at Kubla, and thanks for sharing!

Diomedes 2606

2 Bara Assault decks published in one day! :D

I like your approach. Your dominance focussed power gain is probably more resilient than my focus on board control through Pinch and Banished. This leads to me playing some bigger characters to reliably win by 5.

I also think our different takes on Bara Assault illustrate the main difference between the European and the US meta. Political Disaster is played a lot on this side of the pond. ;)

Toaster 35

only non-Stark, non-Greyjoy deck to go at least 4-2


celric 399

@Diomedes I don’t think PD is a real threat to this deck. It has so many copies of the important locations that you’ll either have the duplicate of have a good chance to see another copy.

@RedSquadronK I love Saving The Kingdom. What do you think you’d cut for it at 2x?

Buzz 504

Thoughts on these cards? Not necessarily together.

  • Red Keep Gaoler
  • 1x Mel
  • 1x Varys

Also, is Isle of Ravens included for some other reason than to counter Fleabottom?