Roar at the Wall

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Toaster 35


Toaster 35

Hey this is a prototype I'm tinkering with:

The current idea is just to grind them down with Gunthor Son of Gurn, a lot of trash cards and comboing with Maester Aemon (WotW) and Brothel Madame, the latter being supported by Supporting the Faith and White Tree.

The Big Wall is only here as a late game option and not a primary winning condition.

I think this deck is surprisingly good and a fresh breath of air to the usual suspects.
Older variants included Cersei's Informer to replenish Mole's Town, but I quickly ended up with a deck full of icons which was disappointing.

I'm currently not using a restricted card and used Flea Bottom before, but it barely has any synergy in this deck. Maybe with 2x Cersei's Informer + The Hound (TtB) using the former for synergy with Mole's Town and Begging Brother. Let me know what you think, I have a hard time to decide.

I'm rather happy with the Locations and Plots (changing Counting Coppers to Exchange of Information as soon as more Attachments & Events enter the deck).

The most pressing changes I would like to do is cutting 3x characters for 2x Treachery and the 3rd Craven. Which also might require more Characters for Treachery.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these things

wisey105 1

Treachery and The Wall (TMoW) have anti-synergy. The Wall removes all faction affiliations and replaces them with Nights Watch. You would not have a Lannister character if the Wall is out.