Melisandre (FotS) Azor Ahai Reborn

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SYX 59

This deck works really well so far - the agenda is amazing and the new Melisandre is fabulous!


celric 399

Your title says Mel, but is Stannis actually your PtwP? If not why include Lightbringer without a Disputed Claim?

Neoptolemos 483

Another deck with Melisandre and I'm still curious how it's possible that she works consistently. If you don't have Starry Sept (or it's blanked, you have no answer to FroSo), you can't force your opponents to have power on characters... and if they see Melisandre without any other answer (such as simple Craven), they can just skip renown...

GreatGopher 7

OP: Cool deck. I love seeing some of the long-unused R'hllor attachments finally show up in some lists!

@celricLightbringer will trigger off of Melisandre's native power gain ability.

@NeoptolemosI haven't tried out new Melisandre yet, but I feel like "opponents never put power on their characters" isn't the worst result out there.

mapvale 3

@GreatGopherare you taking about the interaction between Lightbringer and power steal from Melisandre (FotS)? If so, it doesn't work because gaining power is different from moving power.

Neoptolemos 483

@GreatGopherI just think that Mel needs a little more "building around" to make her a real star, as she may be completely useless in certain matchups. For example, I would exchange Seen In Flames (just an ok card without core Mel) for Consolidation of Power to make better synergy with new one. Not to mention Desert Raider, luckily "only" in banner Sun/Martell Stag version. I just like to control, when I can trigger my abilities ;) Also valid point about Lightbringer, Mel doesn't gain benefits from it.

GreatGopher 7

@mapvaleHmm, rules reference agrees with you. Thanks for the tip!

sean1991 1

@GreatGopherif stannis is considered to be attacking whenever another character is attacking and he has renown that triggered ability would work because he is gaining power. its very specific but your deck seems to be revolving around voltroning stannis. very cool.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

@Neoptolemos totally agree with you. That change up would greatly increase functionality of the deck and the synergy of those cards opens possibilities of extreme board control (bowing, targeted Killing) and the gain in power is a crazy bonus synergy.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

@SYX also you are in need of military support as you are very much lacking way to defend your characters from regular military challenges (not even thinking about SOB) as most military minded rush decks have pretty big body costs if you lose, and you only run 8 possible military icon characters unless you are resurrecting Alester Florent or one of you low cost chuds with agenda...