Warrior of Light

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Daxam 20


Greetings all, Daxam here publishing his first deck online for people to discuss and critique. I'm a relatively new thrones player with the hope of finding a local game group to help me improve in the game.

Being the Bara loyalist I am, its only natural for my first published deck to be a deck featuring the one true King and the prince that was promised...Stannis the Mannis.

Basic Deck Mechanics

The Goal of the deck is to take control of the challenge and win big to trigger the agenda The Prince that was Promised to draw Stannis Baratheon (FotS) and subsequently attempt to get him into play so he can wreak havoc in and challenges as well as serving as the main draw engine for the deck.

Ideally the opening plot wants to be At the Gates so you can get Great Hall early to help pay the cost for Stannis or any other big unique characters this deck runs.

From there its trying to win those challenges by 5 or more to hit those triggers on the agenda while reacting as well as you can to the current state of the board.

With Stannis out, its all about keeping him secure with dupes and powering him up with attachments like Azor Ahai Reborn and Lightbringer (ideally costing nothing with Selyse Baratheon (FotS) in play) to dominate challenges and any other attacking challenges featuring cards with the R'hllor trait.

The plot deck consists of generally high initiative cards to allow you a good chance of going second in most rounds so its easier to control and react in the challenges phase.

End notes

This deck is far from perfect and still very much in testing at the moment so a big shout out to Cheesemon0 for letting me test this deck against him by the way.

There's a lot more I want to write up about regarding card interactions but I feel I've wrote way too much waffle as it is so feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer as soon as possible.


Snowed 129

Nice deck! Stumbled upon this after posting my own version and searching for similar offerings.

I won’t comment too much on the card choices as some of the differences with mine may come down to play style and personal preferences.

I do feel strongly that this deck is crying out for Starry Sept - it’s a good card for Bara to begin with and the synergy with Mel is amazing. You could even replace Milk with it since Sept has a blanking effect. Also, not sure Spears is needed since you can get Stannis back with the agenda if he croaks.

Are Fickle Bannerman there solely for the good cost/strength ratio? I considered them but ultimately decided against since the agenda won’t let them get renown. Still could be a good choice, but just wanted to point out the agenda restriction in case it was an oversight.

Daxam 20

@SnowedCheers and thanks for the comment.

I won't deny Starry Sept is a great card and should really be in the deck but it solely comes down to personal preference with me. It's silly but it bugs me having a sept of the seven faith in a majority R'hllor based deck haha, pathetic I know.

With Spears I must admit I was conflicted on whether to add them or not. I suppose I was concerned with the idea of keeping some of the other uniques protected. Definetly will consider thier use in future testing though.

Regarding the Bannermen, I wasn't too bothered by the loss of renown as they are generally planned to act as a deterent/defense against Military challenges with the odd boost to Power challenges if the situation allows or requires it.

oskar78 7

Just one thing. With the agenda you have if your idea is to play it with Stannis you can not activate Melisandre and lose all its effectiveness. It may be better to look at other options.

BronzeYohn 2

you can activate mel because she moves power doesn't gain it

Snowed 129

@DaxamHa, it bugs me a bit too about the inter-faith theme fail. But I got over it :p

@oskar78Mel does work as BronzeYohn states. Bastard of Nightsong gets around the agenda in the same way.