The Wardens of the North!

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jekill 8

I tried to make a good deck here using the direwolves, the tullys and starks, Maester Luwin and Septa Mordane are going to give lots of bonuses to the stark kids while you can use the direwolves with The Wolfswood and put them in during challenges. Also trying to to put The Wolf King on Eddard Stark (WotN) to get all the possible use of his renown. And there is plenty of more stuff like The Bastard's Letter which you can use to get a nice comeback from a heavy attack. Increase your claim value with Winter Is Coming while using The Winds of Winter to take on 3 characters from 1 single strike and make your way to victory.

All your comments will be read and please leave an opinion about what do you like/dislike about this deck to make it better and better with time

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