Winter Wolves. (Euros 2019, top 16)

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Daviduk91 139

Euros top 16 and Blackwater Top 8

Kill everything keep the military claim up. And draw loads. Turn one Winter Reserves followed up by the three 2 claim plots. The other 3 plots can be used in between if needed. Grey Wind and Bran Stark (OR) are your key characters. Wolves of the North makes killing any target you wish really easy. Along with Strangler on big bodies makes them unusable while Grey Wind is around.
Strangler in particular is great against Prince, and voltron decks. That lovely Azor Ahai Reborn on a Robert Baratheon (Core) is just a delightfully tasty treat for our Grey Windto eat. It’s also good for controlling "The Rains of Castamere" and Sea fo blood. The deck has plenty of draw and enough bodies that filling the board to lure a valar reset early is often a good approach making sure you keep at least a couple of characters in hand to repopulate I always aim to hit their Valar Morghulis with Famine. If my economy is up you can reliably get 6-10 gold on the Famine turn. And the cost curve of the deck is very low that should be enough to control the game from there. Valar Dohaeris however I try to hit with A Time For Wolves that way I can pop my important wolves to the bottom of the deck and search him right back out again. Easily replaying him. Keep up this way and your opponent should rarely have a board. The deck won’t win early but it can reliably just make your opponent have no options that the game can still pass quickly.


dagodav 112

I played against you at Euros (the Italian guy with Stark LotC). I'm a big fan of direwolves deck. So, Congratulation!! It's a really nice deck.

Daviduk91 139

Thank’s that was a good game. I actually thoroughly enjoy playing against stark. Probably all my favourite matches are. I’ve been basically working on it since winterfell kennel masters came out in cycle 1. The popularity of stark Goodstuff and crossing has actually helped my deck a lot as people see stark fealty and plan their turns and game-plan accordingly, only to be murdered relentlessly. It’s a really fun deck to play and I’m about to start experimenting with shadow of the north.

r480 146

Really cool deck, grats fro the performance. Have you ever tried this concept with Assult from the Shadows?

Daviduk91 139

@r480 funny you ask the day before the joust I was practicing it with assault from shadows with the tower of the hand. And I enjoyed it, and when I get the newest pack with shadow of the wolf. I’ll definitely be investigating that more. It was fun and there were some powerful plays. But it needs more of a change than just the agenda. As it was losing fealty and a gold meaning -2 gold a turn.

Maester_LUke 1

Would Shadow of the North be a possible add?