Lannister KoSw Low Economic Curve - Exposed Duplicity metaga

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Derived from
Lions Bouncing from Shadows - Lannister KoSw C5 (Trade Route 7 3 7 1.0
Inspiration for
Lannister KoSw - Targ Box (Red Keep) 2 2 0 3.0

Benji 758

In response to Expose Duplicity metagame, the low economic curve Lannister Shadow deck I am currently using.

Tyrion is good only when you are on the path of winning, thus why he is the expensive cost characters whose number of copies are reduced.

I remind that with knowledge of the metagame and the deck you are facing, you don't need to see opponent's hand to make an efficient Nighttime Marauders.

I think all the rest does not need any explanations.

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