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Alli_Gatoah 1

I guess the strategies are pretty obvious. Some (maybe) unusual combos: Beric Dondarrion+Duel combos pretty cool when you think about it (and Beric Dondarrion+Septon Meribald is of course really good), throwing some The Seven-Pointed Star and Brother's Robes on 1 strength chars (ideally Citadel Novice) can escalate quick, and all the 1 strengths with abilitys are obviously good with Meribald. I didn't played it often yet and I'm not entirely sure what to cut so it's 60 cards.


Alli_Gatoah 1

Any opinions on what to cut?

JimmyNovak19 13

How does Beric combo with Duel?

Alli_Gatoah 1

It's in no ways a combo, to be honest I don't really know what I thought when I wrote that. The thing with beric was that I wanted to use him for Meribald and first snow of winter but I thought he's to bad cause I don't run many eco and he disables me from using Duel effectly. But he's actually even sometimes good with Duel if your opponent has only one 6 or more char so you can still use Duel to kneel him at the cost of only one kiss token

ChannelDelibird 694

Unfortunately Duel says "cannot be saved" so you can't spend kiss tokens to save Beric :(

Alli_Gatoah 1

Oh, of course. I'm fairly new to the game so I often miss small things like that. Thanks for pointing it out, I guess I should cut him now.