The Prince Who Promised You Should Never Trust a Greyjoy

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thehumanh 167

As a man of leisure, passive power decks have always appealed to me, but the trouble is as soon as a deck starts cranking out the hits, the band gets broken up by a new RL. Mace Tyrell, the Moist Boys- like Motley Crue they became victims of their own success.

Fat Cat has also always appealed to me, firstly by being in my opinion one of the most thematically well designed cards in the game, and secondly by forcing the opponent to either cope with her power gain or to give up on the military challenge. Her 2/round limit does make her a little more difficult to abuse than Mace/Tower or the Drowned God trickery was. That suddenly changed with the release of Wylla Manderly.

Riverrun Minstrels are generally a bit overcosted for a competitive deck, but Skagos and Wylla make them a weapon. Since the timing of Wylla's reaction happens before the search part of Skagos, you can loop any 2 characters indefinitely starting with the 2nd sacrifice. With Riverrun in play alongside Wylla and Skagos, by marshalling just one Minstrel you can put 9 power on Cat between marshalling and the following plot phase with a Return or Wildfire flip.

Prince is the agenda, because you're not winning games without Cat, and if you don't see her in your opening hand or on your first Heir you need to find her immediately. At the speed she piles up power the stand and draw is reliable, and of course it's helpful in the chance your opponent is able to kill her. Needle is probably the cheekiest choice, it allows even more Skagos abuse, is good for setups, and can help push your agenda trigger over the top.

This was conceived a few months ago with Yoren and NW running completely rampant, and so there isn't anything devastating your opponent can steal with him. Unfortunately, the deck has no way to maintain a board against Sea of Blood, and so running it at a prime or worlds wasn't something I could consider. I had a blast playing it at Laughing Tree though, where I went 3-2 and Fat Cat gained 38 power in 4 games (before posting a zero in the 5th round against SoB).

Now that the competitive scene for Thrones has come to an end, give it a spin if these kind of decks appeal to you. As Jon Bois wrote in his weird and wonderful 17776, "It's a free play buddy, the clock's all zeros. It's after the end of the world."


Fifthwinter 1

Hi, love the look of the deck!

Could you please explain in detail how the Skagos+ Wylla + Minstrel interaction works I'm looking at the cards and I can't see how they loop indefinitely.


Korppi 9

@Fifthwinter I guess if you have one Minstrel in your discard pile, sacrificing a Minstrel from play by Skagos you trigger Wylla because she has a reaction to sac to put the Minstrel from discard pile in your deck and the search it with Skagos and put it into play. (the one you sacced goes into ur discard pile)

thehumanh 167

@Fifthwinter The explanation from @Korppiis correct here, as Wylla's reaction happens after the sacrifice, but before the search part of Skagos.

Another cheeky Wylla wrinkle is that if you have a duped character, you can Skagos them, move the dupe to the bottom, and then put that into play because it is a "different" card than the one you just sacrificed. This is one justification I had for running the 1x core Sansa for instance, because you can use it as a dupe on the better version, and just sneak it into play on the turn you want to use her power trigger.