Vancho's Sunday Friendly Open 4

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uBaH 92

Me and a friend were wondering how bad is the prized here. In the end I didn't feel it as long as you have few War plots and there are few useful for the deck. We went with the standard plot line that we like and added the The Pointy End instead of Expose Duplicity. I played vs Fealty that started with 2 Lay Waste T1 on Venomous Blade (into The Water Gardens) and Dorne (R) (into 2nd Venomous Blade). T2 he played Nothing Burns Like The Cold to remove the VB. Terrible start and than Areo Hotah (SoD) came to rescue few turns later where I got Multiple 3 claim challenges and on the last turn when I was at 14 I played Doran's Game (R) as it should be played and finished at 19 :)

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