Kingdom of R'hllor

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Neoptolemos 643

Hi, here is my attempt to refresh Kingdom of Shadows after redesigns.

The agenda was really unfun to play against and too powerful in it's old shape. Now, allowing to play non-shadow characters for normal cost and - on the other side - increasing the cost of playing pure shadows, it is more banner-like agenda, giving access just to characters. Definitely not OP anymore, but I think that also not unplayable. It also allows to build shadow decks without permanently blocking the faction card, which opens up more possibilities than Assault from the Shadows for certain builds.

This deck consists of two main themes:

  • hand destruction
  • board control

The first part utilizes mostly Bara R'hllor cards: Red Priests, Queen's Men, Seen In Flames, but with the support of Nighttime Marauders (R), Ser Mandon Moore and other cards. I've even found place for forgotten Tarred Heads - whole this package, followed by Heads on Spikes, forces most opponents to quickly switch to the topdeck. This way I ensure, that they won't play too many nasty tricks.

The second module is based on classic Melisandre (Core) kneel with her R'hllor supporters, but it's strongly enhanced by The Black Cells to control other characters. KoSh brings also Shrewd Diplomats, which are amazing on the smaller boards and make a huge difference sometimes. To ensure regular Black Cells triggers, there are a lot of efficient shadow characters - The Tattered Prince, Hagen's Daughter, Penny and so on. As you can see, there are only 13 out-of-faction characters - combined with neutral and own shadows, it's definitely enough to keep Cells busy.

This deck wins surprisingly lot of games in casual environment. On Friendly Open Tournament it underperformed in my opinion, losing to Bara Brotherhood after very fierce battle and to Zinnie's Free Folks because of bad start (I was struggling with economy and couldn't handle marshalling enough characters to survive constant attacks, although Hagen's Daughter was a pure gold in this game). On my defense - in 3 games (5, 6 and 9 plots respectively) I didn't even SEE any copy of Black Cells - maybe instead of whole City module I should play Building Orders and classic high-gold plots such as Loan from the Iron Bank or Trading with the Pentoshi.

It ain't much, but it's honest work. I still think that this type of deck has bigger potential that it has shown. Try the new KoSh, it's like a brand new agenda now.

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