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This is my current take on a Faith Militant deck. It is derived from Neoptolemos' wonderful list that got published earlier this year.

The release of that new weeny army prompted me to have another look at this concept, and they do not disappoint.

Switching from City to The Seven traited plots turned out to be a substantial overall improvement as well.

I would not consider this deck to be Tier 1 (at least not in my hands), but it can win games. And - most importantly - I had a lot of fun playing this deck throughout the last couple of weeks.

Kudos to the Design Team for giving some much needed support to this agenda and theme.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged, thanks!


mak 308

another affiliation Good one Stef :)

The Seven trait is indeed interesting, thru plots and now thru characters abilities.

How about The Warrior and Compelled by the Faith (especially if you don't find Stormlands Fiefdom)?

Would Palace + (Saving the Kingdom or Dark and Full of Terrors) work mixed with Robert?

footlong 199

Thanks for the feedback @mak.

Regarding The Warrior - I agree, that plot should be in that list, and it actually was for a while. But I cut in favor of Barring the Gates as a meta-call, considering that this jerk and his friends are everywhere these days...

I hadn't really considered Compelled by the Faith but will give it another look (The Maiden makes this plot quite good, stats-wise). Previously, I had only used that plot as a hinky counter to my opponent's reset - "a-ha! i'm dead, but at least I get to save my power." In that regards, The Crone makes for a much better replacement as a reset-counter in this deck. Beric and Godry like it too :)

Lastly, that Dark and Full of Terrors + Palace combo is hilarious! Thanks for making me aware of this. I'll give this a spin in Bara/Dragon, Hired Assassin says hi!