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robrobrobwright 7

This decks uses high initiative and the redesigned Free Folk agenda to put early pressure on the opponent. It’s not particularly fun to play with or against but has been effective in ~80% of match-ups.

You want to open with Vanquish, go first and either get through a 3-claim military, or, if not, then an intrigue. Cards that help do this are Wildling Horde (use it’s +2 if necessary but your claim will be reduced because of the faction kneel), Wildling Scout, Crow Killers, Jon Snow (WotW), Weirwood Bow, "The Last of the Giants" and The Kingsroad.

If you get one or both of these challenges through then you’re on you way. Aim is to keep the opponent’s board at zero to two characters so they never amass a presence. Don’t worry about power challenges until late in the game. Your opponent will amass worrying amounts of power but they can’t hold it if they lose their board presence.

The deck doesn’t have many saves so your opponent’s Valar Morghulis makes it tricky but is not the end of the world. You can still win initiative and if you’ve saved a Kingsroad or Last of the Giants and have some stealth then you are still fine. With barely any draw, if you don’t get a challenge through on that first turn then you’ve got problems. Beyond Reproach and The First Snow of Winter help with the Martell and Night’s Watch match-ups.

If I had these sets I’d consider adding the following cards: DotE: Water Dancer’s Sword FotS: The Hollow Hill, Anguy

Feedback welcome. In particular, do I add cards to go all out for winning that first challenge? Or save a little in the deck for future turns?

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