Ser Kilyn Payne

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Raius 557

This is quite straight forward deck that was here several times already, but with few new tools

Ser Jaime Lannister (BtB)with Freedmen - you just stand in attach several times. We knew about this interaction in the DT pre release, but it is kind of safe interaction and honestly, if you keep loosing by 5, you probably deserve to loose ;)

Daario Naharisis obviously able to stand characters with Mercenary Contract, which is still able to stand Tywin Lannister (Core) for gold instead of card and also Daario Naharis can stand you characters with Mercenary Contract attached

Another obvious combo is Queensguard with Ser Ilyn Payne or Tywin Lannister (Core)

Casterly Rock (BtB) can load Flea Bottom (R), Bronn (HMW), Begging Brother, Fever Dreams or The Iron Bank (R)

Gold Mine helps to get through the deck and load cards into discard pile.

obviously this deck was slightly adjusted to face Bara, so feel free to use it as a template.

Have fun


prancingPWNy 104

Going for an iron bank build, have you considered adding cersei's informer? They're great for loading up the iron bank and seeding your discard pile with goodies like second sons and freedmen.

scantrell24 3296

Looks like a fun deck to play. Thanks for sharing!