Nobody Likes Targaryen - Few Shadows but Good as Gold

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axxo 19

I don't usually publish decks but in some ways it was fun doing deckbuilding for the 8 Regents Tournament so i want to share one or more of my own list. Taking a cue from SonOfBattles1, i'll call these decks Nobody Likes Targaryen. These decks can be for fun or competitive.

Kingdom of Shadows (R) offers many play possibilities with all the shadows available but in Targaryen it was never an option due to the lack of beign able to recycle shadows like Lannister and Tyrell can. But since it was necessary to make the agenda a minimum competitive, how could it be done?

Looking for shadows that have synergies with Targaryen, two cards can be seen: The Tattered Prince and Windblown.

Targaryen doesn't draw much in faction but by playing mercenaries you can search for cards thanks to Aegon Targaryen, Our Word Is Good as Gold, Brave Companions and Hollow Hill or recycle them with The Father, Tyrion Lannister (JS) and Flea Bottom (R). The deck is very heavy but you can play For the Realm to reduce the Army that you marshal or Hizdahr zo Loraq (R) that can you helps a lot in marshaling or reducing the cost of shadows.

The very possible characters with renown can make the deck very fast and for this Windblown becomes the bomb of the deck.

It may not be a deck for everyone due to the cost but at least you can take away the satisfaction of playing Kingdom of Shadows (R) with Targaryen.

Side note. If you want a safer starting plot you can change Summer Harvest with Late Summer Feast or Trading with the Pentoshi. Milk of the Poppy is perhaps more preferable to A Pinch of Powder for control decks.


hagarrr 829

Haha, nice! :D

Req 7

Good old Axxo <3