The Bastards' Prince

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The Bastard Prince (Martell Rush) 10 8 3 1.0
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8 Regents - House Martell 88

Played this in the 8 Regents Tournament and won against a really well crafted and piloted Lanni Many-Faced God Clansmen deck.

This deck can grab power really fast once The Red Viper (SoD) gets rolling. Elia Sand (JS) is also pretty key in this build as her claim raise can help keep the pressure on the opponent.

This deck, unlike a lot of Martell decks, usually wants to go first to leverage the intimidate from The Red Viper (SoD). The stealth from Edric Dayne (Core) and Darkstar (Km) can help push through the power challenge, and with a The Prince that was Promised trigger you should be able to intimidate most of the opponent's big threats on the board. Insight from Arianne Martell (JtO) and Doran Martell (Core) along with Dorne (R) help make sure that you see what you need, and Siege Preparations is in the plot deck to round out the draw package. Arianne Martell (JtO) is also a solid five strength body which also offers some flexible control if it's needed. The boost to the lords and ladies from Doran Martell (Core) also plays really well into what this deck is wanting to do.

The flex spots in the build are Zollo the Fat, Lay Waste, Nightmares, Filthy Accusations, and Siege Preparations. Some of those were included as tech choices going into the Lannister matchup, and some were just solid cards that I was comfortable playing. Mix and match as you will.

Obara Sand (Core) is here for her interaction with the power challenge. To The Spears! is the RL choice here, and it plays really well into the intimidate/power gain strategy this deck is going for.


Deathlysteve 194

Glad to see my deck as inspiration here! Fantastic work from team Martell in this tournament, especially with all the decks I'm seeing!

Was the match that this was played in recorded anywhere? Would love to see exactly how it performed! :)

tejastrails 1

Unfortunately the game was not recorded that I know of.