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hagarrr 829

The agenda I chose for the vs matchup was Greensight.

There is very little to do with the actual agenda in Stark. I suppose Greensight can help to seed Flea Bottom (R), or you can play The Iron Throne (LMHR) to restrict the opponent playing the card you see, but there were no other obvious uses for this agenda in Stark.

As a result, I played an aggro Stark deck on the basis that Tyrell have always been historically weak to military claims due to their distinct lack of decent military icons at the lower end of the cost curve.

Tyrell do have some powerful expensive characters, so Marriage Pact seems good against them, as does Arya and Ice. Elf Girl helps to find Bear Girl to flood the board quickly. Last Hearth Scouts are nice because Tyrell have decent ambush characters. 2x Reek because Randyll exists and he is still very much a major part of many Tyrell decks. Frozen Solid because Oldtown is annoying.

Forced March made the list due to aforementioned lack of Tyrell icons at the lower end of the curve. The Father because I have cheap uniques which can then be used to return a significant character that might even have accrued renown. Everything probably explains itself.

In the game itself, my opponent played A Mummer's Farce which I think this deck is very well equipped to handle, except he only had 3x Ser Dontos Hollard as his only fool characters! It seemed like a normal Tyrell deck, but Renly was forced into Marriage, Randyll got Reeked, and the rest was history.

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