Bara KotHH - 3rd Place at German Nationals and Northern Sche

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jofdrry 27

Hello all! I figured I would finally post this deck, as it has been something I have been fine tuning for quite some time. First, I want to give a shout out to my meta-mate (and Bara loyalist) SonofBattles, as this is a modification of a deck he designed to counter the oppressive pre-redisign of Sea of Blood back in 2019. But as the game evolved, my desire for complete control of the board state never waned.

As you can probably guess this deck at is core is a control deck. Where the deck truly shines against decks that rely on a large board presence. Ultimately the goal of this is to get the Iron Throne and Chamber of the Painted Table on the board as soon as you can and keep them protected. From there, you want is to keep your opponent’s board as locked down (or non-existent) as possible.

Aside from the table and chair, some of the key components of this deck are: Queen Selyse – Probably the most significant character in the deck as she can give you complete control of the board state (Ideally multiple times a game). Between the cards like Spears of Merlin King, The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due, and plots like Mad Kings Command and Valar Dohaeris, there are several ways to keep her out of your dead pile, and in some cases, back in your in hand to play again.

Varys – A close second to Selyse as the most important character in the deck, a well-timed Varys has been responsible for many of my wins with this deck, as he has often been a game changer when I am facing down my opponent’s large board state, with nothing more than a Wily Smuggler and a Vangaurd Lancer. Most of the time I am looking to put him into play using Last of the Giants in the dominance phase, but occasionally I have had to play a duped version of him to survive the challenges phase.

Last of Giants– While Varys is the primary target for this LotG , there are several other viable options with neat tricks to increase the versatility of the deck. Pairing this in any phase with Lysa Arryn while having a SotMK on the board can be very useful solution to a tricky problem (HorD location, character with Bodyguard/Valyrian Steel Armor). One of my more unique uses came with a need for more money in the marshaling phase, so I used it to put Mag the Mighty and then used TIBwHID for a return him to hand for a net gain of 5 gold.

In addition to the key components of the deck, some honorable mentions include: Low cost bi-cons – With the intent of marshalling Selyse as many times as you can, you aren’t often left with much money to play other characters, especially since most of your plots are tech plots and not econ plots. Because of this, cards like R’hllor Infiltrator, Vanguard Lancer, and Wily Smuggler are very useful for keeping some sort of a presence. Speaking of Wily Smuggler…This little guy is one of the hardest working cards in my deck. In addition to being a low cost bi-con, he often serves as low-cost trigger for Salladhor Saan; a cheap claim soak to keep Selyse alive in the off chance they can conduct a military challenge; and he can use his “wily ways” to protect Varys or Last of the Giants in my hand in from intrigue claim before the dominance phase.

Set Down Our Deeds – This was one of the most recent additions to the deck, and I was often glad to have it. In addition to being a great way to refill your hand after MKC takes effect, it is also a great way to prevent your opponent from claiming power from your house when they declare a power challenge.

Most of the rest of the deck is self-explanatory for enabling the winning of dominance and keeping your opponent’s board under control.


SonOfBattles1 429

@jofdrry You took this deck way farther than I ever could've envisioned it. Well done! Congrats on the great result at German Nats!

argento 644

What do you think of Mad king? When did u play it mostly? Round 2 to balance board and cards in hands?

jofdrry 27

Mad kings command (or as I see it, the Great Equalizer) is probably my favorite cards from the new cards. It is such a versatile plot, that I didn't have a specific turn to use it, but I think it was usually around turn 3, to give your opponent a few turns to flood their board for maximum effect. One of this deck's biggest weak points is facing shadows decks, and this plot is a much more reasonable solution than Expose Duplicity.

Magnus 115

A really tremendous deck with an awesome pilot 🤩

prancingPWNy 104

Would kingsroad be a better econ than dragonstone port?