[Joust] Necro-animation - French Nationals 2022 (2-4)

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This is the deck I played at French Nationals. I finished with 2 wins and 4 loss, but 2 of them where quite close so I guess it could be 3-3 ;)

The idea is to combo Warlock of Qarth and Flea Bottom (R): just before a character is about to die, or to be put in the dead pile, bring Warlock of Qarth back from discard pile with Flea Bottom (R), then sacrifice him to trigger his effect, and repeat next round.

Selected agenda:

To kill characters, 2 options:

House of the Undying is added with respect to the thematic, but not sure it is work playing. It almost gave me a game, though.

My accomplishment of the day: put Great Ranging on top of deck with "The Bloody Cup", discard it with Pillage (in the same challenge :) ), put it in dead pile with Crone of Vaes Dothrak and take control of it with Warlock of Qarth !! Yahoo !! This is exactly why I built the deck for :D

The deck is quite fun to play, if you like to play with gold tokens :)

With RL 1.5, I guess I would replace You Win Or You Die by Retaliation, because the claim of 2 has a real impact on each game.

I think I would also add more draw (may be change Battle of the Blackwater for Siege Preparations), cut 1 or 2 Put to the Sword and/or Put to the Torch.

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