Good'Old'Stuff - Friendly Council (ep11)

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Hi folks. :)

This is the deck we built in Episode 11 of The Friendly Council, our new video series about deckbuilding. This is a new Friendly Open project, aimed at helping beginner and intermediate-level players build their own decks.

This one is based around strong characters, good economy, and efficient draw effects. It does not play itself, but there is a kind of beautiful simplicity to it, so it should be very friendly for new players.

The episode was recorded before the latest Restricted List update, so we had to make a tough choice between Oldtown and Goldengrove. Since Oldtown provides both draw and power gain, it made more sense to keep it. You can no longer stand it to trigger it again though. With Goldengrove gone, Mathis Rowan and his Small Council trait were no longer providing great value, so it made sense to cut him as well. He has been replaced by a cheeky copy of Olenna's Informant, for a possible additional challenge. There is also some synergy with Orton.

Instead of Goldengrove, we now have two copies of The Bounty of Highgarden, which should keep the explosivity of the deck and compensate for losing the interaction between Goldengrove and Great Hall. Since that makes the deck slightly too event-heavy, we have also cut The Hand's Judgment in favour of a copy of The Honeywine. Hopefully it performs better than expected. :)

So, if Tyrell is a faction you enjoy, check out the video below.

The Friendly Council - Episode 11

As always, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. :)


HalfonE 2

Thank you very much for sharing this! Very nice deck to play

Lannister 570

Happy you like it @HalfonE