A Candle in the Wind - 2023 Craster's

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Khaleasi1110 172

So this year, one thing led to another, and suddenly I found myself sitting in a bus to Norway, backpack full of cards. I have decided to join the lovely Craster's tourney. Best. Decision. Ever. I cannot thank the organisers enough for this amazing opportunity, to spend some time in stunning nature with some amazing people, playing the only game that matters and more. The wholesomeness can hardly be described with words. Thank you all for lovely time! And hopefully see you next year ;)

Ok sentiment aside, let's talk thrones. https://thrones.tourneygrounds.com/tournaments/8211

This deck originally came to be as a side-event deck that had to include 3x Ser Jacelyn Bywater and the base version was built by David|Lemming. Big thanks to him, since he was also my opponent in that side event :P. Then I started playing it online for fun, never originally meant for real competitive play, changing the cards around here and there. My janky RNG soul could not resist playing 3x Tyrion's Chain, "cheap" Ser Gregor Clegane (TKP) and cheeky copies of Put to the Sword and Put to the Torch. Though the heart and soul of this deck are my commander boys - Jaime, Daven, Addam. And yes, I really used Taxation, so don't plot-shame xD.

The joust tournamnet was very relaxed, I had some amazing and close games with my opponents, playing against Stark 5/6 times. The deck played well and versatile, had strong comebacks after the resets, put a lot of pressure on opponent's hand and board. I usually enjoy complicated and jumpy decks, although I mostly play with orange cards, a change to red was interesting. To my surprise and excitement, I ended up in top 4. Leo ruling over Crag with a strict hand and a wide smile ran me over for the second match. Big congratulations to Hannes|Feuerbart, not being afraid to lead a ranger group behind The Wall and gaining a well deserved victory.

Next day, why not take the same deck for the melee. Heck, I must leave my Heads on Spikes in the cabin. I changed them for a second copy of Reinforcements and Wildfire Assault and the deck was ready. After the games, I would have put in a second copy of The Pointy End. The deck really overperformed, putting me into the final table. After a fair and close fight, Dennis won himself the title of melee winner, with much skill. Also big congratulations!

In conclusion, this event will live in my memory for free and I will very much look forward to seeing you people again sometime soon! Take care.



Great deck, a charming tournament report and an even more charming woman. Nothing more needs to be said.

Feuerbart 70

Well, just felt first hand that this is a dope deck. All hail the Overall Champion!

Reader 298

The Overall Queen of Norway

prancingPWNy 104

I am green with envy! Wish I could take the metro to Norway and Germany for these awesome events. Nice deck thanks for sharing!