Targaryen knighted knights, 8 Regents

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Johannes 441

New Ser Barristan Selmy (FtR) is a great card for a knights deck. In addition to the new neutral knights like Former Champion or Winged Knight allow making a decent knight deck out of any faction. But this one still was very hard to make and I struggled a lot. It just didn't win enough challenges or have a good win condition. I played around even Knights of the Vale and Ser Jorah Mormont (LMHR) but both are clunky and can't take attachments. In the end Peter suggested to just add more copies of Knighted and Targ bigs. Deck already run Khal Drogo (Core) but adding Daenerys Targaryen (Core) really made it click.

Targ core set bigs are still very good and during the tournament I really enjoyed playing them. Gifts for the Widow (R) allowed me to fetch Knighted if I didn't find it organically. Other option was to get Bodyguard for your big. In addition playing 3x Ser Rolly Duckfield made the deck very resilient against resets. Basically all you needed was to get a good setup and econ and deck run very smoothly. Plots are basically just good econ, some control elements of The Mad King's Command and The Smith, safety plots like Compelled by the Faith and Close Call and finishers A Tourney for the King and You Win Or You Die.

In my tournament game against Sam, the deck did just that. Good setup and good econ got me ahead. Sam had couple of knights early, which hidered my draw for a while but I was able to put some military pressure on him and get a board advantage. Sam was running Martell Lion hand control deck but I just got enough dupes and knights to make him impossible to empty my hand and get a good reset. So in the end the deck won rather comfortably.

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Marco Martell 70

Thanks for sharing!