Plot. Income: 3. Initiative: 6. Claim: 1. Reserve: 4. Plot deck limit: 1.

Edict. Legacy.

Forced Reaction: After the challenges phase begins, each player chooses up to 3 characters, up to 3 locations, up to 3 attachments, and up to 3 cards in their hand and/or shadows area. Place each card not chosen on the bottom of its owner's deck (cannot be saved).

ZG Fisher
Bran the Builder #30.

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The Mad King's Command

Rules FAQ

  • Players choose the cards in player order. The first player chooses all of their cards first, followed by the next player, and so on until all the players have made their choice. Then, all the cards not chosen are simultaneously placed on the bottom of their owners' decks, in whatever order their owner likes.

  • When choosing cards in play, you are allowed to choose opponents' cards if you like. You cannot choose cards in an opponent's hand or shadows area though.

  • Plot cards, duplicates, or any other cards that are not mentioned in the text of The Mad King's Command remain unaffected.

  • If a character or location not chosen has an attachment attached to it, that attachment will also be placed on the bottom of its owner's deck if no player has chosen it. It makes no difference whether the attachment is terminal or not. If a player does choose such an attachment and it is not terminal, it will return to its owner's hand. This may cause a player to end up with more than 3 cards in hand after the entire effect resolves.

  • Facedown cards in play that have been given the attachment cardtype (by A Mummer's Farce, Valyrian's Crew, or Dothraki Handmaiden) will also be placed on the bottom of the deck if they are not chosen. The same with events that have entered play as attachments (Risen from the Sea, for example).

  • When cards are placed on the bottom of the deck from the two hidden areas (hand and shadows), no hidden information is revealed. Do not show those cards to your opponents. Same if a card was in play facedown before being placed on the bottom of the deck.

  • If you trigger the interrupt on Orton Merryweather or Planky Town Trader before they are placed on the bottom of the deck, the character you put into play will be unaffected by The Mad King's Command, even if you did not choose that character as one of the 3 cards in your hand and/or shadows area.

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