Night's Watch Fealthy

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SteveHouston 79

I love Night's Watch. Idea here is to just cheese out characters, win dominance with the Wall out, and trigger the Wall's ability. No distractions from pampered Southron factions.

NW has been performing very well for me in all the iterations I've been testing! I think their power levels are underestimated.


SteveHouston 79

And yes, it's fealthy. Cause that's what it feels like when your opponent has no chance of getting past your defenses.

Dydra 1467

Aaand no ... you talk about winning dominance with the wall out? wth? Where is your Irone Throne then ... playing Varys or Wildling Horde (in a deck that already uses faction card? ) instead lol

Btw , I'd double check the cards if I were you, because triggering the wall's abillity while winning dominance can be difficult. It's usually one or the other.

SteveHouston 79

@Dydra There is one Wildling Horde. It is not a focal strategy of the deck. With 38 characters in the deck it's not hard to have a number standing, even after all challenges are defended. Cool comment, though, thanks, very pleasant.

chrsjxn 61

character spam is going to get a big boost in the first cycle, I think. Especially with Will in the first pack.

Why three Longclaw? I'd probably swap down to two and bring 3 Milk of the Poppy

SteveHouston 79

@chrsjxn Yeah, spamming NW characters with the Wall out can create a pretty hairy board state for your opponent to deal with. Doesn't always work of course.

Have you gotten a chance to play with Longclaw yet? It's an MVP, especially on Hunting Party. It's really really good!

SteveHouston 79

@chrsjxn Also, Longclaw is really your only option for renown in-faction.

Alsciende 107

Given the choice, would you put Longclaw on Jon Snow or on Ranging Party?

SteveHouston 79

@Alsciende I generally find Longclaw on Ranging Party, because they are a priority to get on the board as soon as they arrive. I rarely get the Jon Snowmobile up and running... I always find myself winning on defense. But he allows a kind of offensive play that seems interesting.

One time I had Longclaw attached to Old Bear with the Wall up... that was fun.

Longclaw also works nicely on Benjen.